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Roy Tattersall (1922-)                                                                          Cricketer                                                                                            Born 17 August 1922  Tonge Moor, Bolton                                    Batsman and Bowler - played for Lancashire 1948-1960, England and MCC.


Dr Horace Wilfred Taylor (1896-1961)                                                   Doctor and Politician                                                                           Born 1896 Bolton                                                                          Died 1961 Birmingham General Hospital                                    Educated Bolton School; Manchester University                                Mayor of Bolton 1946.                                                                    He was a family doctor in Derby Street, Bolton and later at Orient House, Wigan Road, Bolton.


Edwin Taylor (1905-1973)                                                               Born 13 February 1905 Great Lever , Bolton                                           Died 25 September 1973 Bolton District General Hospital, Farnworth  Educated St John's School, Wingates; Bolton Technical College                   MP Bolton East 1960-1964 (Conservative)                                      Mayor of Bolton 1959.                                                                        Ran the family confectioner's shop on Tonge Moor Road. Was known locally as 'The Pie-man'. Member of Auxiliary Fire Service during Second World War.


John Taylor (1811-1886)                                                                   Born 1811 Bolton                                                                               Died 6 April 1886 Victoria Park, Manchester                                          Educated Worksop Academy; Bolton Grammar School                             Bolton's First Coroner 1839.                                                                 Solicitor. Son of a master butcher!                                                   Editor of Bolton Free Press 1836.


John Percy Taylor (1868-1945)                                                              Politician                                                                                            Born  June 1868 Cope Bank, Bolton                                                  Died 26 September 1945 Cheshire                                             Educated Chorlton High School; Owens College, Manchester.                   Mayor of Bolton 1934 (Liberal).                                                             Was JP and Alderman. High Sheriff of Lancashire 1926. Given Honorary Freedom of Bolton October 1938.


Kenneth Heywood Taylor (1922-)                                                          Screenwriter                                                                                  Born 10 November 1922 Bolton                                                  Educated Greshams School, Norfolk                                                Emmy and BAFTA nominated for his work on TV adaptations of 'The Jewel in the Crown' and 'The Camomile Lawn'


Theodore Cooke Taylor (1850-1952)                                                     Born 1850 Batley, Yorkshire                                                                  Died 19 October 1952 Staincliffe, Yorkshire                                           Educated Batley Grammar School; Silcoats Northern Congregationalist School                                                                                          MP Radcliffe-cum-Farnworth 1900-1918? (Liberal)                                     Advocate of profit-sharing.


Thomas Taylor (1851-1916)                                                                  Born 31 January 1851  Bolton                                                        Died 17 December 1916                                                            Educated Boarding School; Bolton Church Institute                                 MP Bolton 1912-1916 (Liberal)                                                  Resigned as an MP in 1916, his failing health exacerbated by the death of his son, Capt Herbert Taylor in October 1915.                                        Mill manager for Barlow & Jones Ltd and later a board member of the company. Founded his own textile company in 1884.


Flight Sergeant Thomas Stanley Taylor (c.1924-1945)                               February 2nd, 1945. Two 21-year-old Hurricane pilots with orders to undertake flying exercises within the vicinity of their base at RAF Calverley in Cheshire, immediately flew North in formation. 20 minutes later, Flight Sergeant Thomas Stanley Taylor and Warrant Officer Norman Thomas Huckle crashed into each other at about 6,000 feet in cloud and dived to the ground north of Bolton in Lancashire. Both men were killed. Warrant Officer Huckle’s Hurricane came down close by, at Horrocks Fold Farm, while Flt. Sgt Thomas Stanley Taylor ‘s Hurricane crashed here on the moor.

William Thomas Taylor (1853–1925)                                                   In 1904 he founded a textile firm in Horwich.


Winifred Ann Taylor (1947-)                                                             Born 2 July 1947 Motherwell, Scotland                                        Educated Bolton School; Bradford University; Sheffield University              MP Bolton West 1974-1983                                                          Born Winifred Ann Bowling. MP for Dewsbury 1987-2005. Chief Whip 1998-2001.                                                                                  Life Peerage 2005 - Baroness Taylor of Bolton.


Kevan Tebay (1936-1996)                                                                  Cricketer                                                                                           Born 2 February 1936 Bolton                                                             Died 13 August 1996 Bolton                                                      Batsman - played for Lancashire 1961-63.

George Temperley (1851- 1927)                                                          Architect and surveyor                                                                          Born 3 Apr 1851 Bolton  

Died 27 May 1927                                                                  Buildings include Falcon Mill, Handel Street, Bolton

In 1911 he lived at Louisville, Albert Road, Bolton.

Buried at Heaton cemetery.


John Pennington Thomasson(1841-1904)                                           Born 1841 Bolton                                                                              Died May 1904 Bolton                                                              Educated Pestalozzian School, Worksop; University College, London           MP Bolton 1880-1885 (Liberal)                                                  Donated house and grounds of Mere Hall to town as public park and library, 22nd January 1889. Made Freeman of County Borough of Bolton November 10th 1902.                                                                   John Pennington Thomasson, 'Master Cotton Spinner',  born in Bolton in 1841 into a family of well-known Bolton Quakers, was the son of the industrialist, Liberal politician and Anti-Corn Law League activist Thomas Thomasson.                                                                                       In 1867 he married Katherine Lucas, a niece of Rochdale-born reformer John Bright. They had three children, Lucas (born 1868), Beatrice (1870) and Franklin Thomasson (1873) (See 'John's Children' below.)  In 1871 they were living at 'Moorfield' in Tonge, near Bolton, but when Franklin was born in 1873 they were breathing in the fresh air of Alderley Edge, Cheshire.      By the time of the 1881 census, which took place during his term as was Liberal MP for Bolton from 1880 to 1885, John and his wife are recorded as residing with their five servants at a very fashionable address: 11 Great Stanhope Street, Mayfair, London. This street was built around 1750 for the celebrated Lord Chesterfield, and named from his family name, Stanhope. (Lord Palmerston lived at No. 9, 1814-43; Sir Robert Peel at No. 12, 1820-5; Lord Brougham in 1834; Lord Raglan at No. 5, in 1853.)                      The 1891 census has them at 'Woodside' in Heaton, near Bolton, where John died in 1904.


Beatrice Thomasson                                                                             One of John and Katherine Thomasson's three children,                              Beatrice Thomasson married John Arthur Coe, son of Charles Clement Coe, a Bolton Unitarian Minister and naturalist friend of John Thomasson. John Coe worked as a cotton salesman, later a cotton spinner, no doubt as an employee of the Thomasson company; by 1901 he had already retired, at the age of 32, and the couple were living in Surrey. Their daughter Joyce, born in 1896, lived until June 1991.


Franklin Thomasson                                                                              John and Katherine Thomasson's three children,                                      Franklin Thomasson followed his father into Parliament, serving as Liberal MP for Leicester from 1906 to 1910. He married an American lady, Elizabeth Coffin, and the couple became active in the women's suffrage movement. Franklin became a newspaper proprietor and editor, in support of his Liberal politics: he was one of the founders of The Tribune. edited by William Hill and L.T. Hobhouse, which was published from 1906 until 1908. He was also involved with Ebenezer Howard's Garden City movement, being one of the directors of the First garden City Pioneer company, founded in 1902, which developed the first Garden City at Letchworth.  During World War I he commanded the 2/5th Battalion. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. He died in 1941.


Lucas Thomasson                                                                                 One of John and Katherine Thomasson's three children. Lucas Thomasson studied at Owens College in Manchester, served as a premium pupil (an apprenticeship paid for by his father) at Yarrow shipbuilders in Poplar, London, before returning to Bolton work in the family firm, but suffered health problems and sadly died in 1898 aged 30.



Thomas Thomasson (1808-1876)                                                          Industrialist and Political Economist                                                          Born 1808  Turton, Lancashire                                                               Died 8 March 1876 High Bank, Bolton                                                 Liberal councillor 1838                                                              Reformer - Anti-Corn Law League activist - friend of Cobden and Bright - Chartist sympathiser.                                                                     Peace campaigner during Crimean War - addressed Bolton Ladies 'Olive Leaf Circle'.


Frank Thompson (1901-)                                                                       Professional Footballer                                                                          Born 16 May 1901 Egerton, Turton, Lancashire Defender - played for Atherton, Manchester City, Swindon Town, Halifax Town.


John Granville (Jack) Thompson (1938-)                                                   Journalist, Broadcaster and Author                                                         Born 11 July 1938 Chorley New Road, Bolton                               Educated Bolton School; Cambridge University.                                       Taught at Whitecroft Road School and Hayward Grammar School, Bolton before joining BBC Radio Sheffield in 1967 and becoming the first voice heard when the station originally went on air.                                     BBC World Service correspondent in south-east Asia and the middle east. One of the first Newsreaders on BBC World TV. Later worked for the German news TV channel Deutsche Welle in Berlin before retiring in 2002    Member of Bolton Little Theatre - wrote the music for a satirical revue called "How I Stopped Worrying and Came to Love Bolton" performed there in 1966. Wrote and published the novel 'A Wicked Device' about the rise of neo-Nazism in Germany.


Ernest   Thornton (1905-1992)                                                              Born 19 May 1905 Burnley, Lancashire                                            Died 5 February 1992 Rochdale, Lancashire                               Educated Walverden Council School, Nelson, Lancashire                          MP Farnworth 1952-1970 (Labour)                                              Worked in cotton mills from age of 13. Secretary of Rochdale Weavers and Winders Association 1940-1970.                                                         Elected to Rochdale Council 1933 and became the youngest Mayor of Rochdale in 1942.


John (Jack) Threlfall (1935-)                                                                    Professional Footballer                                                                         Born 22 March 1935 Bolton                                                             He played for Bolton Wanderers 1954-62 and Bury.


Peter Giles Thurnham (1938-2008)                                                        Born 21 August 1938 Staines, Middlesex                                          Died 10 May 2008 Bentham, Lancashire                                           MP Bolton North-East 1983-1997 (Conservative)                                     Later became a Liberal Democrat.

Thomas Thwaites (1833 -1882)

of Bank House, Sharples,

head of the firm of Eden and Thwaites, bleachers

Born 24 May 1833 Sharples, Lancashire England

Died 21 Oct 1882 Victoria Hotel, Southport at the age of 49

Buried at Christ Church Egerton


William Frederick Tillotson (1844-1889)                                               Newspaper magnate                                                                           Born 19 March 1844 Bolton                                                                Died 19 February 1889 Bolton                                                     Founder of Bolton Evening News 19 March 1867 - Bolton Journal 1871 plus several other local newspapers. The Bolton Evening News was first the halfpenny paper published in England.                                           Formed Tillotson's Fiction Bureau 1871 (The Tillotson's Newspaper Literature Syndicate) to publish stories from authors such as Willkie Collins, Thomas Hardy, Rider Haggard and Frances Hodgson Burnett for The Bolton Journal and others.

Leonard Douglas "Len" Tobutt (1881–1965)

Born 24 Jun 1881  Canon's Bridge Farm, Ruislip, Middlesex

Died 23 Feb1965  Bolton, Lancashire

A Middlesex cricketer who came to play in the Bolton league.            Family-run Tobutt Sports opened in Higher Bridge Street in 1923.                Under the supervision of the founder’s grandson it has gone on to expand the business to include the Good Health Centre.

Giovanni Tognarelli (1879-)

Born 1 Dec 1879 Barga, Italy

1939 Café manager of Savoy Café, Market street, Bolton.


Rt Hon George Tomlinson (1890-1952)                                                 Born 21 March 1890 55 Fielding Street, Rishton, Lancashire                Died 22 September 1952 London                                              Wesleyan School, Rishton; Rishton Elementary School                               MP Farnworth 1938-1952 (Labour)                                                        Moved to Farnworth 1915 to sell herbal drinks from the back of a cart. Chairman of Farnworth UDC 1932-34. Became Lancashire County Councillor 1931 - MP for Farnworth from 1938 - Minister of Works 1945-1947 - Minister of Education 1947-1951                                           He died shortly before he was due to open what is now George Tomlinson School in Kearsley so it was named in his memory instead.


Frank Tomney (1908-1984)                                                                  Born 24 May 1908 Bolton                                                                   Died 19 September 1984 Hillingdon, Middlesex                                 MP Hammersmith North 1950-1979. MEP 1976-77.                    Councillor on Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council.   Controversial right-wing Labour politician who was in favour of retaining the death penalty.                                                                              Uncle of Prentice Howarth qv Mayor of Bolton 2004-05.


Thomas Barlow Tong (1850-1917)                                                         Politician                                                                                            Born 1850 Bolton                                                                               Died 30 June 1917 Bolton                                                                   Mayor of Bolton 1906,1907 (Conservative)                                           Brewer and wine and spirits merchant. He operated the Diamond Brewery, Deane though his business and address premises were in Mealhouse Lane.



Walter Wharton Tong (1890-1978)                                                       Politician                                                                                            Born 26 February 1890 Bolton                                                        Died May 1978 Greenleaves, Chapeltown Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton     Educated Miss Aughton's Private School, Bolton; Bolton School; Giggleswick School, Settle; Manchester School of Technology; Manchester University     Mayor of Bolton 1940 (Conservative)                                         Knighted 11 February 1955.                                                        Brewer - he entered the family brewing firm of William Tong & Sons Ltd in 1910. Later worked as Bolton area manager for Walkers Brewery of Liverpool.


George Edward Tonge (1876-1956)                                                      Architect                                                                                            Born 1876 Westhoughton, Bolton                                                          Died 1956 Southport, Lancashire                                                           Designed most of Southport's many cinemas and also Royal Birkdale Golf Club.


Robert Tootill (1850-1934)                                                                   Born 23 October 1850 Chorley, Lancashire                                           Died 2 July 1934                                                                           MP Bolton 1914-1922 (Labour)                                                     CBE. Was Bolton Councillor before being elected as MP without opposition following the death in office of Alfred Henry Gill MP qv.


Ben Topp                                                                                           Prominent trade unionist                                                                       He is believed to have been teetotal.


Norman Topping (1910-)                                                                      Politician                                                                                      Born 1910 Ince, Wigan, Lancashire                                              Mayor of Farnworth 1966 (Labour)                                                       Local Government Officer. Worked for Manchester City Treasurers Department from 1929.                                                                   His father James was a member of Ince Urban Council in the 1920s and his two brothers Arthur and Henry also served on Ince UDC, Henry for 30 years.


Col. Robert Torrens (1780-1864)                                                        Soldier and Political Economist.                                                        Born 1780 Ireland                                                                             Died 27 May 1864                                                                        MP Bolton 1832-1835 (Whig)                                                       Served with distinction in the Napoleonic Wars, rising to the rank of Colonel.                                                                                        One of the founders of the colony of South Australia. His son, Sir Robert Richard Torrens, became Premier of South Australia.

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