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Lisa Gallagher (1977-)                                                            Meteorologist and Broadcaster                                                 Born 1977 Bolton                                                                 Educated Sharples School, Bolton; University of Hull                  Originally worked for the Met Office and now presents weather forecast on BBC Look North.

William Gallant (or Callant) (-1801)

William Gallant hanged at Lancaster Castle on 12 September 1801 for sedition.                                                                  He was guilty of seducing Peter Doran, who was serving in the Land Force, to aid and assist rebellion, in the parish of Bolton-le-Moors on 28th Match 1801.

Richard Gardner

In 1830 Thomas Bazley and Richard Gardner bought and demolished the mill, replacing it with Dean Mills, twin six-storey steam powered mills situated on the east side of the brook at the entrance to the village. They created a model village for the mill workers on the hilltop accessed by a flight of stone steps, with rows of cottages, a shop and an educational institute. Houses for the managers were built a short distance away, overlooking the brook.


Jonathan Gash (1933-)                                                           Author                                                                                Born 30 September 1933 Bolton                                              Educated University of London; Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians.                                                                   Creator of Lovejoy'.                                                               Has also written as Graham Gaunt and using his real name, John Grant.                                                                           Worked as a pathologist. Lived in York Street as a child.


John Bradshaw Gass (1855-1939)                                         Architect                                                                            Born18 June 1855 Silverwell Street, Bolton                              Died 3 July 1939 Horwich, Bolton                                      Educated Kershaw's School, Bolton; Bolton School of Art; Owen's College, Manchester; Royal Academy Schools, London.                 Nephew and partner of Jonas James Bradshaw qv. Original partner in firm of architects that became Bradshaw, Gass & Hope.  A bequest on his death provided for the foundation of The John Bradshaw Gass Charitable Trust (now the Bradshaw Gass Trust) which awards grants to a range of worthy causes.


James Wilfred Geere (1907-1990)                                          Politician                                                                         Born 1907 Bolton                                                                 Died 1990 Vancouver, Canada                                               Educated Pikes Lane School, Bolton                                           Mayor of Farnworth 1956 (Labour)                                            JP.                                                                             Worked for Bolton Electricity Department and its successors for his entire career, rising from apprentice to Assistant District Engineer.

Leslie (Les) Gent (c.1938 -2017)                                               Journalist.                                                                             Died 2017 aged 79                                                           Bolton Evening News Editor 1979-1987.                               He started his career as a 17-year-old cub reporter in 1955 and left in 1987 after spending nearly eight years in the editor’s chair.


Max Albert George (1988-)                                                     Singer.                                                                                Born 6 September 1988 Salford, Greater Manchester                  Educated Bolton School.                                                         Member of boy band 'The Wanted' who had number one singles in 2011 with 'All Time Low' and 'Glad You Came'.                      Previously played football for Preston North End.


John German (1896-1953)                                                      Born 1896 Bolton                                                                  Died 1953 New Bedford, MA USA                                          ARP Warden - First Boltonian to win the George Medal.                Won Military Medal in 1917. Lived in New Bedford, MA, USA 1919-1938 - returned to live in Deane 1938.                  Awarded George Medal 22nd October 1940 for carrying out his duties whilst injured himself during the bombing of Deane 1 September 1940.                                                               Returned to the USA and New Bedford in 1947. On his death he was given a full military funeral there.


Robert German (1891-1960)                                                  Politician, Soldier and Farmer.                                                  Born 25 April 1891 Bolton                                                     Died 1960   Col. Becher Hospital, Calgary                            Educated St Augustine's Day School. Bolton; Gaskell Street School, Bolton.                                                                               Mayor of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada 1955.                 Emigrated to Canada c.1911. Served as a policeman and later as a Sergeant with the Canadian Army Service Corps in France during the First World War. Returned to Canada to take up farming in Blackfoot, Alberta.


Neil Gerrard (1942-)                                                             Politician                                                                              Born 3 July 1942 Farnworth, Bolton.                                       Educated Manchester Grammar School; Wadham College, Oxford; Chelsea College, London.                                        MP for Walthamstow 1992- (Labour).                                        Worked as a Lecturer in Further Education.


Alfred Henry Gill (1856-1914)                                                 Born 3 December 1856  Rochdale, Lancashire                            Died 27 August 1914 Bolton                                                Educated St Mary's Elementary School, Balderstone, Lancashire   MP Bolton 1906-1914 (Labour).                                               First Labour MP for Bolton. One of first intake of Labour MPs ever to be elected 1906.                                                                   Worked in cotton mills from 1867. Became a union official in Bolton and later General Secretary of Operative Spinners Association. Officially opened their headquarters - Spinners' Hall on St George's Road, Bolton.

William Ewart Gladstone FRS FSS (1809-1898)                         British statesman and Liberal politician.                                       Born 29 December 1809  Rodney Street, Liverpool                     Died 19 May 1898  Hawarden Castle                                     In a career lasting over 60 years, he served for 12 years as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, spread over four terms beginning in 1868 and ending in 1894.                                                 The official opening of Farnworth Park, by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon William E Gladstone took place on 12 October 1864 with some 100,000 people present.


Thomas Glaister (1828-1891)                                                  Politician                                                                              Born 1828 Mill Hill, Bolton                                               Died 7 January 1891 Ormskirk, Lancashire                                 Mayor of Bolton 1881 (Conservative)                                Bleacher - proprietor of Mill Hill bleachworks. JP.                         Grandfather of Thomas Glaister, Mayor of Bolton 1949-48 qv.


Thomas Glaister (1886-1974)                                      Politician                                                                              Born 1 September 1886 Quarlton Fold Farm, Turton, Lancashire     Died August 1974 Bolton                                                       Educated Bolton Church Institute; private boarding school, Folkestone; Rossall School, Fleetwood, Lancashire                         Mayor of Bolton 1949 (Conservative)                              Bleacher - Director of his family firm, Blair and Sumner Ltd, Mill Hill Bleach Works.                                                           Grandson of Thomas Glaister. Mayor of Bolton 1881-82 qv.

Richard Glass (c.1931-2014)

Hotel manager

Moved to Bolton in 1964.

Managed the Swan Hotel in Churchgate, Bolton, and later the Crest Motel, now the Britannia Hotel, in Beaumont Road.


Nicholas James Gleaves  (1969-)                                              Actor                                                                                 Born 1969 Farnworth, Bolton                                                  Educated Smithills High School        

Has appeared in many TV productions including 'The Chase', 'Playing The Field', 'Being April', 'The Bill' etc.                           Married actress Lesley Sharp in 1994.


Margaret Stote Glen Bott, OBE. M.B., B.S., F.R.C.O.G. (1891-)  Born 17 August 1891 Bolton.                                                In 1938 she was elected a Fellow of the College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Reverend Glenn Bott                                                               Vicar of St Thomas’s Church, Halliwell.                                   Used Merehall as a vicarage.


Herbert Glynn (1908-1995)                                                   Politician                                                                            Born 10 February 1908 Bolton                                            Died November 1995 Bolton                                                  Mayor of Bolton 1969 (Labour)                                             Councillor for Deane-cum-Lostock 1945-47, Bradford ward from 1949. Magistrate 1953, Alderman 1964, Honorary Alderman 1974.                                                                                 Worked 13 years for Warburtons bakery until retiring as public relations officer from the company in 1973. He was the first Roman Catholic to become Mayor of Bolton - just over 130 years after the first Mayor was elected.


Barry Goldin (1978-)                                                             Born 24 July 1978 Bolton, Greater Manchester                           BriSCA Formula 2 Stock Cars racing driver, who races under number 401.

Jacob Nathan John Goodenday (1894-1961)  

Philanthropist and industrialist                                              Born 4  Jun 1894 Bolton

Died 9 Jun 1961

Chairman of Kayser Bondor

He endowed a fund in Bolton called The Goodenday Prize fund, which was for essay writing on the theme of tolerance.

Hilary Ann Goodman (c.1944-)


Ran Hilary Ann - an independent  Bolton fashion boutique on Churchgate which later moved to Deansgate.

Paul Gopal-Chowdhury (1949-)                                               Painter  

Born 1949 in India                                                                The painting Jane is in Bolton Museum & Art Gallery


Henry Goslin MC (1909-1943)                                               English Footballer                                                                   Born 9 November 1909 Willington, Cheshire,                            Died  18 December 1943                                                       Better known as Harry Goslin                                                   He played as a defender for Bolton Wanderers for the whole of his professional career.


Jack Goth (1923-2006)                                                           Actor                                                                                  Born 23 May 1923 Bolton                                                  Died  20 February 2006 Calgary, Alberta, Canada                  Stage, TV and film actor, appeared in films such as 'Cool Runnings' and 'Rad'.                                                                        Son of music hall performer Richard Goth and made stage debut when only 3 years old. RAF pilot in Second World War. Moved to Canada in 1951.

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