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Denis McLoughlin  (1918-2002)                                                   Illustrator and comic book artist                                                    Born 15 April 1918 Bolton                                                            Died 22 April 2002 Bolton                                                            Educated Sunning Hill Primary School; White Bank Central School; Bolton School of Art                                                                Work included 'Buffalo Bill Annual' plus strips for 'Wizard', 'Tiger' 'Lion', 'Victor' and 'Commando Picture Library'.


William McManus (1893-1960)                                                    Politician                                                                                Born 1893 Farnworth, Bolton                                                    Died November 1960 226 Albert Road, Farnworth                Educated St Gregory's Roman Catholic School, Farnworth            Mayor of Farnworth 1942 (Labour)                                               He began work at 12 and spent all his working life in the dye house Department of S and J Prestwich's Pandora Mills, Farnworth.


James Meadows (1931-)                                                               Professional Footballer                                                                   Born 21 July 1931 Bolton                                                               Full Back - played for Southport, Manchester City and England.             Retired due to injury in 1957 - managed Southport, Stockport and Bolton Wanderers.

Gerard Thomas "Ged" Melia (1959-)


Born Mar 1959 Bolton

"Family Business: The Story of a Generation"


John James Mellor (1830-1916)                                                    Born 1830 Oldham, Lancashire                                                Died 12 January 1916  Bury, Lancashire                                      MP Radcliffe-cum-Farnworth 1895-1900 (Liberal?)

Freddie Mercury (1946-1991)                                                        British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen.                                                                          Born Farrokh Bulsara 5 September 1946                                           Died 24 November 1991.                                                            Freddie Bulsara (vocals) joined the band Ibex in 1969.                        Concerts 23.08.1969 The Bolton's Octagon Theatre, Bolton, UK and 24.08.1969   Open Air Festival, Queen's Park, Bolton, UK.


John Miles (1841-1917)                                                                 Politician                                                                                Born 19 November 1841 Blackburn, Lancashire                            Died 5 July 1917 Lyndene, Chorley New Road, Bolton                        The National School, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire; Private School, Tyldesley, Lancashire.                                                                     Mayor of Bolton 1901, 1902.                                                   Steam packing manufacturer and India rubber merchant - John Miles & Co, Albert Works, Shiffnall Street, Bolton.

Brian Mills (c.1957-)                                                                   Designer and researcher                                                                The site is the brainchild of Brian Mills,  from Bromley Cross who originally started compiling the material for a book in the 1980s.                                                                               Mr Mills is a former lecturer at Bolton Community College.

Hayley Catherine Rose Vivien Mills (1946-)                                      English actress                                                                          Born 18 April 1946.                                                                The daughter of Sir John Mills and Mary Hayley Bell, and younger sister of actress Juliet Mills.                                                                       Jenny Fitton (née Piper) in film The Family Way, based on "All in Good Time" by Bill Naughton.                                                                 Some of the film was shot in Naughton's hometown of Bolton.               Hayley Mills did a nude scene in the film, which received much publicity. She called it "a very integral part of the film... the whole thing was handled with great taste." Mills also fell in love with director Roy Boulting, although she was 33 years his junior and he was married. The two later became a couple and married in 1971.                               Their son is musician and filmmaker Crispian Mills. The couple separated in 1975 and divorced in 1977.

Robert Sinclair Milne (1875-)

Born 5 Feb 1875

Died 8 Apr 1958

1939 18 Silverwell Street , Bolton / Turf Accountant. 


Martin Milner (1928-2000)                                                            Musician and Orchestra Leader                                                      Born 17 February 1928 Bolton                                                       Died  June 2000 Withington, Manchester, Lancashire                  Castle Hill Secondary School; Bolton School; Royal Manchester College of Music .                                                                               Son of Frank Milner, Head of Castle Hill School - Violinist - first broadcast age 13 - Leader, Bolton Youth Orchestra.                          1946 Joined Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Thomas Beecham.  Leader of the Hallé Orchestra 1958-1987 - OBE 1989.


Ray Minshull (1920-2005)                                                        Professional Footballer                                                                    Born 15 July 1920 Bolton                                                            Died 15 February 2005  Southport, Lancashire.                                Goalkeeper - played for Liverpool and Southport.                                Moved to Southport in childhood.

The Mistry brothers                                                                       Owned the Bantry club on Derby Street.

Reuben Mitchell (1812-1895)

Engineer, landscape artist and photographer

Born 26 Feb 1812 Simmondley, Derby, England

Died 8 Feb 1895  Bolton

A partner for many years in the firm of Jackson and Mitchell of the Albion Foundry, Bolton.                                                                  Burial: Astley Bridge Cemetery, Bolton, England, United Kingdom


John Monaghan (1936-2008)                                                         Politician                                                                                     Born 30 April 1936 Leigh, Lancashire                                        Died 2 May 2008 Blackrod, Bolton                                        Mayor of Bolton 1999 (Labour), Mayor of Blackrod: 1992-93, 1997-98 (Labour)                                                                      Represented Blackrod ward. Worked in the building industry before becoming a lecturer at Bolton College.                                             He died from a heart attack after attending a road accident to see if he could help.


Bob Monkhouse                                                                            British entertainer                                                                        Performed at Blighty’s Chapel Street, Farnworth


Dr Ernest Monks (1871-1941)                                                         Politician                                                                                Born 6 February 1871 Ainsworth, Lancashire                                Died 4 July 1941 Bolton                                                                 Mayor of Bolton 1933 (Conservative)                                     Medical practitioner. Father of Dr John Richard Monks, Mayor of Bolton 1970-71 qv.


Dr John Richard Monks (1911-1985)                                             Doctor, Soldier and Politician                                                           Born 9 October 1911 Bolton.                                                         Died 14 December 1985 Fair Lawn, Bradford Street, Bolton.               Bolton Church Institute; Manchester University                              Mayor of Bolton 1970 (Conservative).                                    Awarded George Medal for "conspicuous gallantry in carrying out hazardous work in a very brave manner" 11 February 1941. Rescued several men from the basement of a burning building in Liverpool while serving as a Lieutenant in Royal Army Medical Corps.                       Son Dr Ernest Monks, Mayor of Bolton 1933-34 qv.


Danielle Moorcroft (c.1981-2002)                                                   Danielle Moorcroft was 21 and pregnant when she was murdered in 2002.

Herbert Douglas Moorhouse (1879 – 1946)                                     (chartered) accountant (The Gramophone Company)                           Birth  July/Aug/Sep 1879, Kendal, Chorlton, Lancashire                     Death 13 or 27 July 1946, Bucklow, Cheshire, England (67y)


Claire F  Moore (1960-)                                                                 Soprano and actress                                                                      Born 6 January 1960 Over Hulton, Bolton                              Educated Hesketh Fletcher School, Atherton; Leigh Sixth Form College; Royal Northern College of Music                                                Has appeared in many musicals including 'Phantom of the Opera' and 'Miss Saigon' along with (non-singing) acting roles in other productions.


Geoffrey Moorhouse (1931-2009)                                                   Author, Journalist and Explorer                                                         Born 29 November 1931 Bolton                                               Died 26 November 2009                                                      Educated Bury Grammar School                                                    Editorial staff Bolton Evening News 1952-54. Worked for the Guardian from 1958 and was chief features writer 1963-70 when he left to concentrate on writing his own books.                                             Prolific author of many acclaimed history and travel books.


Edward Moran (1829-1901)                                                          Painter                                                                                        Born 1829 Bolton                                                                         Died 1901                                                                                  Marine artist in US - influenced by Turner - Brother of Thomas, Peter and John Moran qv.



John Moran (1829-1902)                                                              Photographer and painter                                                         Born 1829 Bolton                                                                      Died 19 February 1902 New York, NY, USA                              Pioneer US photographer. Documented early work on Panama Canal and US coastal survey for US Government.                                       Brother of Thomas, Edward and Peter Moran qv.


Owen Moran (1892-1939)                                                            Professional Boxer                                                                    Born 10 December 1892 23 Lloyd Street, Warrington, Lancashire   Died 8 March 1939 Bolton Royal Infirmary                              Brought up in Bolton, at 10 he found himself a job and earned enough money to buy the entire family out of the Workhouse. He learned to wrestle and supported his family with his winnings before establishing a reputation as one of Britain's leading boxers.                               Although never a champion he fought in 400 bouts. His boxing career was cut short by five bullet wounds in the knee sustained while serving as a Sergeant in the Machine Gun Corps at Messines, Belgium, during the First World War.                                                                     He returned to Bolton after the war to teach boxing to boys at several centres in Bolton. He was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in fog on Deane Road, Bolton in 1939 and died from his injuries in hospital a few weeks later.


Peter Moran (1841-1914)                                                             Painter and etcher                                                                         Born 1841 Bolton                                                                   Died 1914 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA                              Leading nineteenth century American etcher of animals and landscapes. Brother of Thomas, John and Edward Moran qv.


Thomas Moran (1837-1926)                                                          Painter and Etcher                                                                    Born 12 February 1837 Bolton                                                  Died 25 August 1926 Santa Barbara, California USA.                        Major figure in US Hudson River School of landscape painters - 'The American Turner'.                                                                          Left England as a child in 1844. His Scottish born wife, Mary Nimmo Moran became an accomplished etcher in her own right. Brother of Edward, Peter and John Moran qv.                                                   Paintings of Yellowstone inspired the foundation of the US National Park System in 1916. Had mountain named after him - Mount Moran, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Diane Morgan (1975-)

English actress, comedian, and writer.

Born Oct 1975 Bolton

Went to George Tomlinson School, now Kearsley Academy.

Known primarily for her comedy persona of Philomena Cunk – on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe, appearing as presenter of the mockumentaries Cunk on Christmas, Cunk on Shakespeare, Cunk on Britain and Cunk and Other Humans.

Dawn in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights

Liz in the BBC Two sitcom Motherland

Clifford Morris (1942-)                                                                  British Labour politician in the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton in Greater Manchester.                                                                           Born January 1942  Bolton                                                Educated Bolton Technical College                                                  He was the leader of Bolton Council from 2006 to 2018.                   Mayor of Bolton 2003 (Labour).                                                     Chef and Caterer.


Edna Morris  (1906-1972)                                                             Actress                                                                                      Born 11 June 1906 Bolton                                                             Died 11 August 1972                                                                   Film and TV character actress. Appeared in film 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning' and TV series 'Z Cars' and 'Dixon of Dock Green'.

Played Mrs Bull in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning whose buttocks were famous for Arthur Seaton’s air rifle target practice.


James Toulmin Morris (1833-1912)                                                  Journalist, Politician and Businessman                                                Born 1833 Bolton                                                                         Died 2 April 1912 Mount Gambier, South Australia                            Educated Moravian Brothers College, Neuwied, Germany                   Arrived in Australia with his brother in 1852 to seek his fortune. After ten years working in the goldfields he went into journalism and newspaper publishing, becoming editor and proprietor of 'The South-Eastern Star' in Mount Gambier, South Australia.                                                     Served as Mayor of Mount Gambier in 1893, 1894 and 1905. Between 1896 and 1902 he represented the District of Victoria in the House of Assembly.                                                                       His father, James Morris, was a member of Bolton Council and proprietor of a Chemists business on Deansgate for many years.


Patricia Morris (1953-)                                                          Politician (Conservative)                                                            Born 1953                                                                      Educated Bolton School                                                 Conservative Party Vice-Chairman. Failed Parliamentary candidate.       OBE. Life Peerage 2004 - Baroness Morris of Bolton. Shadow Minister for Family & Children, Education and Health.


Thomas (Tommy) Mort  (1897-1967)                                             Professional Footballer                                                                   Born 1 December 1897 Kearsley, Bolton                                         Died 1967 Wigan, Lancashire                                                     Left-Back - played for Altrincham, Rochdale, Aston Villa and England


Thomas Sutcliffe Mort (1816-1878)                                                  Australian Pioneer and Entrepreneur                                               Born 23 December 1816  Bolton                                                     Died 9 May 1878 Bodalla, NSW, Australia                                   Emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1838 - erected world's first cold storage plant in Darling Harbour, Sydney 1861.                                 Major figure in Australian history - generous benefactor and philanthropist.


Robert (Bob) Mortimer (1908-)                                                        Professional Footballer                                                                   Born 1908 Bolton                                                                    Striker - played for Barrow, Northampton, Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic, Accrington Stanley and Blackburn Rovers. He was signed to Bolton Wanderers but never played a league game for them.


Thomas Moscrop (1811-1889)                                                      Politician and Industrialist                                                                Born 3 November 1811 Back o' th' Bank, Bolton                               Died 1 January 1889 Park Hill Place, Bolton                          Educated Bolton Grammar School                                                   Mayor of Bolton 1887 (Conservative)                                           Chemist. Owner of oil manufacturing company. Alderman.

Mr John Moss

A Manchester woollen merchant.

He bought the manor of Little Bolton in 1716.


Paul Moulden (1967-)                                                                    Professional Footballer                                                                   Born 6 September 1967  Farnworth, Bolton                            Forward - played for Manchester City, Bournemouth, Oldham, Brighton, Birmingham and Rochdale. Made Guinness Book of Records as youth player after scoring 280 goals in one season for Bolton Lads Club.

Joe Murnan (1983-)                                                               English darts player 

Born 28 Sep 1983 in Hindley.                                                        Based in Bolton. Plays in Professional Darts Corporation events. 

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