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Mark Radcliffe (1958-)                                                                     Broadcaster and Author                                                                    Born 29 June 1958 Farnworth, Bolton                                                 Educated Markland Hill Primary School, Bolton School; Manchester University.                                                                                    Radio 1 DJ with 'the Boy Lard' and author of (very funny) memoir 'Showbusiness - Diary of a Rock'n'Roll Nobody'. Now appears solo on BBC Radio 2.                                                                                  Has toured with parody band 'The Shirehorses'.


John Rainforth (c.1879-1857)                                                       Built the School Hill chemical works.                                                 Rainforth is regarded as the father of the medical profession in Bolton having practised in the town for 57 years.                                            He died at School Hill House aged 78 on 30 May 1857. The pub -Rainforth Hotel - was later built on the site of the house.                          One of Rainforth's apprentices was Abraham Paulton, the son of local brewer Walter Paulton and a future political journalist who campaigned in the 1840s for the repeal of the corn laws.

John Ramsbottom (1814-1897)

English mechanical engineer

Born 11 September 1814 Todmorden, Yorkshire, England

Died 20 May 1897 

In 1883 he became a consulting engineer and a director of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway (L&YR), where his major legacy was the establishment of Horwich Works on a greenfield site near Bolton.


Richard Ralphson (1898-1985)                                                         Politician                                                                                        Born 4 May 1898                                                                           Died April 1985                                                                             Mayor of Farnworth 1945 (Labour)                                                     Better known as Dick Ralphson. He served in the First World War losing his right eye on active service in France.                                               He was a coal miner for 31 years working at Ladyshore and Brackley Collieries, Little Hulton, leaving in 1962. He sustained an injury at work resulting in a fractured ankle and a slight limp


Ian Thomas Ramsey (1915-1972)                                                       Born 31 January 1915 Kearsley, Bolton                                         Died 6 October 1972 St Marylebone, London                                     Educated Farnworth Grammar School; Cambridge University; Oxford University                                                                                  Bishop of Durham 1966-1972                                                  Nolloth Professor of the Christian Religion and Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.                                                                                Politically sympathetic to left-wing and progressive causes, he sought to reconcile religion, ethics and science in a rapidly changing world.


Mark Rawlinson (1975-)                                                                 Professional Footballer                                                                 Born 9 June 1975 Bolton                                                                   Midfielder - played for Bournemouth and Exeter.


Edith Rawnsley (1846-1916)                                                              Artist and educationalist                                                               Born 1846 Bolton                                                                            Died December 1916                                                                Born Edith Fletcher. Moved to Lake District.                                    1878 married Canon Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley, Vicar of Wray near Ambleside, who, among many other achievements, was one of the founders of the National Trust and friend of Beatrix Potter.                         An accomplished artist and illustrator who exhibited at the Royal Academy and in 1884 (with her husband) established evening classes in arts and crafts metalwork that became the foundation for the School of Industrial Art in Keswick.


Gordon Readyhough                                                               Gordon began his library career at Bolton Public Libraries Department, came to the Evening News in 1955, and was a mainstay until his retirement in 1988. He now lives in Arnside, Cumbria.                       He produced a number of books, including 'Pubs of Bolton Town Centre, 1900-1986', and the history of Bolton town centre, in two parts.


Sarah Reddish   (1850-1928)                                                           Social Reformer, Pioneer Socialist and Suffragist                                     Born 1850 Westleigh, Lancashire                                                  Died 19 February 1928 Bolton.                                                       A founder of "Babies Welcome" in Bolton - a scheme to educate mothers in the principles of childcare. (See also Catherine Foley.)                           President of Bolton Co-operative Women's Guild for over 20 years.


Roger Redgate (1958-)                                                                      Composer                                                                                      Born 3 June 1958 Bolton                                                                  Educated Chetham's School, Manchester; Royal College of Music


Diane Redmond (1947-)                                                                  Author                                                                                          Born 1947 Farnworth, Bolton.                                                           Educated St Osmund's RC School, Bolton; St Columba's RC School, Bolton; St Ann's Secondary Modern School                                          Prolific writer of children's books and for chlidren's TV including work on 'Fireman Sam' and 'Bob the Builder'. She also published the adult novel 'success' in 1995.


Robert Spencer Redmond (1919-)                                                  Born 10 September 1919 Birkenhead, Cheshire                        Educated Liverpool College                                                                MP Bolton West 1970-1974 (Conservative)


Laurance Douglas Reed  (1937-)                                                        Born 4 December 1937                                                        Educated Gresham's School; University College Oxford                        MP Bolton East 1970-1974 (Conservative)


Henry Marriott Richardson (1816-1893)                                              Politician                                                                                        Born 1816 Tuxford, Nottinghamshire                                                   27 September 1893 Chorlton, Lancashire.                                          Died Mayor of Bolton 1879 (Conservative) Solicitor.                              Wrote book 'Reminiscences of Forty Years In Bolton' (1885).


Ian Richardson (1970-)                                                                     Professional Footballer                                                                 Born 22 October 1970 Bolton                                                       Midfielder - played for Notts County and Birmingham.

Michael Barrington Ricketts (1978-)                                                English footballer                                                                        Born 4 Dec 1978  Birmingham, England.                                            In 2002 the first black Bolton player to get an England cap.

William Ridding (1911-1981)                                                            English football player and manager,                                                  Born 4 April 1911                                                                          Died 1981                                                                                  Known as Nibbler Ridding                                                            ,  Had a 17-year period managing Bolton Wanderers between 1951 and 1968, during which time the club won the 1958 FA Cup.


James Rigby  (1918-1998)                                                                Politician                                                                                        Born 8 April 1918                                                                          Died 1 January 1998 Tonge Moor, Bolton                                            Mayor of Bolton 1976 (Conservative)                                                 Pharmacist.


Brian Francis Riley (1937-)                                                              Professional Footballer                                                                      Born 14 September 1937 Bolton                                                Winger - played for Bolton Wanderers 1954-1955


Gerald Riley (1930-)                                                              Politician                                                                                      Born 1930                                                                                   Mayor of Bolton 1991 (Labour)                                                   Tailor's Cutter - Tailor at Burtons for 34 years. Representative for the Tailors and Garment Workers Union. Progress coordinator at British Aerospace 1979-91.

James Riley (1871-1915)

Junior Reserve Attendant in Royal Navy Auxiliary Sick Berth Reserve

Born17 Sep 1871 Bolton, Lancashire, England

Died 11 Mar 1915 when HMS Bayano was torpedoed. His body was not recovered. He is recorded on the family gravestone in Astley Bridge cemetery.


Percy Ritherdon                                                                                 In 1895 Ritherdon & Co was founded in Great Moor St, Bolton by the current Managing Director’s great grandfather, Percy Ritherdon. The company moved to North Bridge Mill, White Lion Brow Shortly after that and remained there until just after the Second World War.                        Percy’s interest in chemistry and magic led to a unusual range of Ritherdon products:  intially concentrating on electroplating and enamelling for the Edwardian bicycle boom, but also on making tricks for magicians.  Percy worked closely with the magician Chung Ling Soo for several years in the early 20th Century and there was a locked workshop at North Bridge Mill where a select group of Ritherdon employees worked on the very precise fabrication of these magical tricks.

Jane Robbins (1962-)


Born Jul 1962

Works include a bronze portrait sculpture of Fred Dibnah . 


Robert Edward Roberts (1867-1944)                                                   Politician                                                                                        Born 7 September 1867 Cheetham Lane, Newton Heath, Manchester     Died 7 October 1944 Kentmere, The Esplanade, Knott End, Lancashire     Mayor of Bolton 1929 (Conservative)                                                  Came to Bolton in August 1888. Metal broker and lead pipe manufacturer.


Sir Alfred (Alf) Roberts (1897-1963)                                                 Trades Union Leader                                                                        Born 1897 Bolton                                                                           Died 1963                                                                           Educated Chalfont Street Council School, Bolton                            1935-1962 General Secretary of Cardroom Workers Amalgamation.       Chairman TUC General Council 1950-1951, President of TUC 1950 - CBE 1950, Knighted 1955. Director of Bank of England from 1956, Governor of the Commonwealth Institute from 1962.


Laurence Robertson (1958-)                                                            Born 29 March 1958 Bolton                                                          Educated St James C of E Secondary School, Farnworth; Farnworth Grammar School; Bolton College of Education                                     Conservative MP for Tewkesbury 1997-                                      Shadow minister for economic affairs 2003-2005, Northern Ireland 2005-.


John Henry Robinson (1796-1871)                                                      Artist and engraver                                                                      Born 1796 Bolton                                                                      Died 21 October 1871 New Grove, Petworth, Sussex.                         Brought up in Staffordshire and later moved to work in London.  Campaigned for many years for recognition of the engraver's art by the Royal Academy. Became Associate Engraver of the Royal Academy 03 Nov 1856 and was finally elected a full member 22 Jun 1867.


William Arthur Robinson (1923-1990)                                                Politician                                                                                        Born 12 March 1923 Horwich, Bolton                                          Died 23 February 1990                                                        Educated Thornleigh Salesian College; Loughborough Teacher Training College                                                                                  Mayor of Bolton 1987 (Labour), Chairman of Kearsley Urban District Council: 1969-70 (Labour) Teacher in Salford and Bury.


Lee Roche(1980-)                                                                Professional Footballer                                                                       Born 28 October 1980 Bolton                                                Defender - played for Burnley, Wrexham and Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (1985-) 

Portuguese professional footballer.                                                      Born 5 Feb 1985  Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.                                      He made his Manchester United debut in the Premier League in a 4–0 home victory over Bolton Wanderers on 16 August 2003.


Barbara Ronson (1942-)                                                                    Politician                                                                                   Born 16 December 1942 Bolton                                               Educated Pikes Lane School, Bolton; Bolton School (Girls Division); Manchester College of Commerce; Bolton Institute of Higher Education.     Mayor of Bolton 2007 (Liberal Democrat), Mayor of Horwich: 1996-1997 (Liberal Democrat) Councillor since 1986. First female leader of Bolton Council 2004-2006. First Liberal Democrat Mayor of Bolton. First female Mayor of Bolton to have a male consort - her husband, Cllr Bob Ronson. Mayor of Horwich 1996-1997.                                             Worked as librarian and college lecturer until retirement.

William Roocroft (1870-1943)                                                          Manufacturing Confectioner                                                         Born 1870 Bolton, Lancashire, England                                              Died 1943 Halliwell, Bolton.

1901 25 Arkwright Street Bolton. Employer/commercial traveller.

1911 Heathfield Astley Bridge Bolton. Employer/commercial traveller for a manufacturing confectioner.

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