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Doug Hacking (c.1942-2007)                                                                        Businessman                                                                                                The business, which moved to Ivy Road in 1997, was originally set up by Doug Hacking in 1963 who traded, repaired and raced motorcycles throughout Europe.

Timothy Hackworth (1786-1850)

English steam locomotive engineer

Born 22 December 1786, Wylam

Died 7 July 1850, Shildon

Designer of Sans Pareil which competed in the Rainhill Trials alongside Stephenson's famous Rocket.

Following an initial hire, the Bolton and Leigh Railway purchased the locomotive for £110 in 1832.


Alfred Ewart (Alf) Hall  (1896-1964)                                                                Cricketer                                                                                                    Born 23 January 1896 Bolton                                                                   Died 1 January 1964 The Hill, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa                   Batsman and Bowler - played for Lancashire 1923-24, Transvaal and South Africa.


Sir Ernest Hall (1930-)                                                                                    Entrepreneur and Musician                                                                        Born 19 March 1930 Bolton                                                                      Educated St George's Primary School, Bolton; Bolton County Grammar School; Royal Manchester College of Music.                                                              Brought up in Haydock Street. Trained as pianist and composer. Entered textile business. Began his own business in 1961. Later transformed derelict Dean Clough Mills in Halifax into a thriving centre for business, arts, design and education. Awarded OBE 1986. Knighted 1993. Appointed Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield 1996.                                                                               Gifted classical pianist who continues to record and perform.


James Stuart Hall Jr (1929-)                                                                          English former media personality.                                                                    Born 25 December 1929  in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, the eldest son of baker James Stuart Hall, and his Irish-born wife, Mary (née Hennessey)                            He has had clock museums in Bolton. St George's Church was used as a Craft Centre from 1975 to 2008 and for a time housed Stuart Hall’s clock collection and for a time they used to be on show at the Last Drop Village


Walter Hall (1935-)                                                                                      Politician                                                                                                      Born 26 February 1935 Wesley Street, Westhoughton                                        Educated Wharton Primary School, Little Hulton; Walkden Secondary Modern School for Boys                                                                                           Mayor of Bolton 2006 (Conservative).                                                             Ran hairdresser's shop on Higher Bridge Street for 50 years - only retiring for his Mayoral year.  Formed half of double act with entertainer and actor Jim Dale while doing his National Service in RAF.


Jim Halliday (1918-2007)                                                                              Weightlifter                                                                                              Born 19 January 1918 Blackhorse Street, Farnworth, Bolton 

Died 6 Jun 2007                                                                                Educated St Peter's School; Queen Street School, Farnworth                          British 11 stone Champion 1947-48, British 12 stone Champion 1948, British Middleweight Champion 1948-1950, Olympic bronze medal London 1948, gold medal British Empire Games 1950. Captained the British Olympic Team at Helsinki Games 1952.                                                                                     Wrote book in 1950: 'Olympic Weightlifting with Bodybuilding for All'. Farnworth Leisure Centre was named after him in 1997.                                                    Spent three and a half years working on the infamous Burma-Siam Railway as a prisoner of the Japanese in the Second World War where his weight dropped to around 7 stone. Owed his survival to previous physical training.


Robert James Leslie Halliwell (1929-1989)                                                    Film Critic and Author                                                                                     Born 23 February 1929 12 Parkfield Road, Great Lever, Bolton                      Died 21 January 1989 Surrey                                                               Educated Bolton School                                                                             As Leslie Halliwell, founder of Halliwell's Film Guide. Author of 'Seats in All Parts' 1985 - an autobiographical account of his lifelong fascination with cinema including his childhood in Bolton.


Charles (Charlie) Hallows (1895-1972)                                                           Cricketer                                                                                                  Born 4 April 1895 Little Lever, Bolton                                                          Died 10 November 1972 Bolton                                                                  Batsman and Bowler - played for Lancashire 1914-1932 and England.                 In 1928, Hallows scored more than 1,000 runs in the month of May, a feat previously achieved only by W. G. Grace and Wally Hammond and never since. He needed 232 runs to complete 1,000 in his last innings in May. He made that score and was out the next ball.                                                               Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1928.


James   Hallows (1873-1910)                                                                         Cricketer                                                                                                     Born 14 November 1873 Little Lever, Bolton                                                Died 20 May 1910 Farnworth                                                                Batsman and Bowler - played for Lancashire 1898-1907.                                  In 1904, Hallows achieved the all-rounders "double" of 1,000 runs and 100 wickets.                                                                                             Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1905.

John Robert Drummond Halsall (1878-c.1972)

Commercial artist.

Born 8 Oct 1878 Southport Lancashire, England.

Died c. Mar 1972 Southport, Lancashire, England.

In 1901 was living at 38 Elgin Street, Halliwell, Bolton.


Thomas Halstead (1882-1960)                                                                       Politician                                                                                                      Born 8 March 1882 Bury, Lancashire                                                         Died 29 October 1960 25 Lincoln Avenue, Cleveleys, Lancashire.                    Educated St Michael's and St Augustine's Church of England Schools; Haulgh Council School and evening classes at Bolton Technical School.                      Mayor of Bolton 1937 (Labour).                                                                Trade union leader. Secretary of the Federation of Colliery Officials of Great Britain.


Elizabeth Olwen Hamer (1928-1995)                                                           Politician                                                                                                Born 17 September 1928                                                                             Died 9 July 1995 Bolton                                                                     Educated St Ethelbert's RC School, Bolton; Mount St Joseph Grammar School for Girls, Bolton                                                                                        Mayor of Bolton 1979 (Labour)                                                                   Born Betty Shepherd.


Frank Hamer  (1919-2009)                                                                            Born 25 June 1919 Bolton                                                                          Died 2 April 2009                                                                                  Educated Bolton School; St Catharine's College, Cambridge                             Soldier and Businessman                                                                               Served in North Africa from 1940. Awarded Military Cross for action as a Lieutenant in 4th Durham Survey Regiment RA at El Alemein on 3 November 1942. Awarded bar to Military Cross for actions following invasion of Sicily in August 1943.                                                                                                       Landed on Gold Beach on D Day 6 June 1944 where he was wounded. Also took part in Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Ardennes before ending the War in the Baltic.                                                                             Following the War he worked in industry, becaming a director of Cadburys and later Cadbury Schweppes.


Lilian Hamer  (1915-1959)                                                                          Christian Missionary and Nurse                                                                 Born 1915 Bolton                                                                                  Died March 1959 Chiengmai, Thailand                                                   Worked in mills before training as a nurse at Townleys Hospital and as a missionary for the China Inland Mission at Redcliffe College, London, learning to speak Chinese. Went to China in 1944 to work as a senior nursing sister at a Red Cross Hospital.                                                                                                 She later worked among the tribal Lisu people of northern Thailand. While making her way back from a wedding in 1959 she was murdered by a local tribesman who took a few coins and a watch from her.                                                      A community care centre in Bolton is named in her memory.


Ruth Hamilton (1940-)                                                                                   Author                                                                                                   Born 28 January 1940 Bolton                                                                         Writer of period romantic fiction with gritty north-west England backdrops from 'A Whisper to the Living' to 'Dorothy's War'.                                                         Born Melinda M Girling. Worked as a teacher at Sunning Hill School, Bolton before moving to Liverpool.


John Henry Hampson (1878-1965)                                                               Politician                                                                                                      Born 1878 Norfolk Street, Bolton                                                                     Died 17 May 1965 33 Westbourne Road, Knott End on Sea, Lancashire.             Mayor of Bolton 1947, 1948 (Labour).                                                          Trade Union leader - Became Secretary of the Union of Corporation Employees in 1909, District Secretary of the Municipal Employees Association in 1919 and was Lancashire district organizer of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers.

Roger Hampson (1925-1996)                                                                         Teacher, painter and printmaker.                                                                       Born 1925 Tyldesley, Lancashire, England.                                                       Died 1996 Tyldesley, Lancashire, England                                                         Became head of Bolton College of Art.

Professor John Hannavy                                                                                  Professor John Hannavy is a photographer, writer, and historian, and has written and illustrated many books and magazine articles on travel, heritage, and photography, all illustrated with his own original images, and on both photographic history and history as revealed through photography, illustrated from his large collection of Victorian and Edwardian photographs.                                                              Towards the end of his academic career, John was appointed to the Professoriat of the University of Bolton.


John Collins Hanscomb (1924-)                                                                      Politician                                                                                                      Born 1924 Bolton                                                                                         Bolton School; Oundle School, Peterborough; Emmanuel College, Cambridge       Mayor of Bolton 1982 (Conservative)                                                Transitional Mayor / Chair between the dissolution of the County Borough of Bolton and the foundation of Bolton Metropolitan Borough in 1974. CBE.                        Was an RAF fighter piliot. Engineering salesman in the steel industry.


Frank Hardcastle (1844-1908)                                                                   Born 12 May 1844 Firwood, Bolton                                                          Died 6 November 1908 87 Lancaster Gate, Paddington, London              Educated Repton School.                                                                            MP Westhoughton 1885-1892 (Conservative) and County Cricketer                      High Sheriff for the County of Lancashire 1896-96. Head of Thomas Hardcastle and Son, bleachers and dyers of Firwood, Bradshaw.                                       Gentleman cricketer for Lancashire 1869.

Colonel Henry Marmaduke Hardcastle  (1871-1948)

Born 23 Mar 1871

Died 13 May 1948)

James Hardcastle (1801-1869)

Born 11 February 1801

Died 30 Sep 1869  


 James Hardcastle                                                                                        He managed the Bradshaw Bleachworks and lived at Bradshaw Hall

Brother of Frank  Hardcastle (1844-1908)   


William (Bill) Hardman (1939-1999)                                                                Politician                                                                                                Born 12 January 1939 Farnworth, Bolton                                                         Died 27 February 1999 Farnworth                                                      Educated Queen Street School, Harper Green School, Farnworth                  Mayor of Bolton 1985 (Labour), Mayor of Farnworth 1971-72 (Labour).        Known as Bill, he was first apprenticed as a cabinet maker but later worked as a steelworker, drilling rig worker and as a maintenance engineer at the National Coal Board workshops and later as a school caretaker at St James's School, Farnworth.  When he was Mayor of Farnworth he was the youngest Mayor in the country at 32. He was also one of the youngest Mayors when he was Mayor of Bolton.


Philip Hardwick RA (1792-1870)                                                                  English architect                                                                                         Born 15 June 1792 in London.                                                                        Died 28 December 1870                                                                               He was particularly associated with railway stations and warehouses in London and elsewhere.                                                                                               He designed Holy Trinity, Trinity Street, Bolton in the Gothic style which was built in 1823–25.


Georgina Hargreaves (1937-)                                                                    Children's Book Illustrator                                                                          Born 1937 Bolton                                                                                         Educated Whitecroft Road Secondary Modern School; Bolton Art School               Born Georgina McKnight. Won a scholarship to Bolton Art School aged 13 but moved to Garstang a year later. Illustrated Enid Blyton books from the 1980s onward.                                                                                               Began performing as a clown in her 50s under the name 'Gino'.


Angela Felicity Harris  (1944-)                                                                         Politician (Liberal Democrat)                                                                             Born 4 January 1944 The Fylde, Lancashire                                                       Educated Canon Slade Grammar School, Bolton; Ealing Hotel and Catering College.                                                                                                Born Angela Richards. Life Peerage 1999 - Baroness Harris of Richmond.

Major Tom Harnett Harrisson, DSO OBE (1911-1976)                                        British polymath                                                                                             Born 26 September 1911 in Buenos Aires, Argentina,                                         Died 16 January 1976   in a road accident in Thailand.                                      In the course of his life he was an ornithologist, explorer, journalist, broadcaster, soldier, guerrilla, ethnologist, museum curator, archaeologist, documentarian, film-maker, conservationist and writer. He was a founder of the social observation organisation Mass-Observation.                                                                      In 1937, Harrisson, with Humphrey Jennings and Charles Madge, founded Mass-Observation, a project to study the everyday lives of ordinary people in Britain. An early project, Worktown, was based in Bolton.                                                   He married Christine Forani (1916-1976), a Belgian sculptor, in 1971.                 The couple were killed in Thailand when the bus they were travelling in collided with a truck. They were cremated in Bangkok following Thai customs.


Ebenezer Green Harwood (1833-1902)                                                          Politician                                                                                                      Born 1833 Little Lever, Bolton                                                                    Died 15 February 1902 Bolton                                                              Educated George Lathom's School near St George's Church                                 Mayor of Bolton 1882 (Conservative)                                                               Chemist and druggist.

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