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The King's Arms pub at 86 Deansgate closed in 1962 and after being empty for 12 years became a bookshop

1974 Chapter and Verse;

1980 Sweetens (closed 2011)

.......Bolton's final independent bookseller.........



1835 The Regent Road brewery was founded in 1835

 1853 Magee Marshall & Company was a brewery that operated from the Crown Brewery in Bolton, Lancashire, England. It was founded by David Magee, a brewer and spirit merchant, in 1853.

1868 (Oct) The Regent Road brewery was acquired by William Groves and Arthur Whitnall in October 1868.

1870s The brewer, John Atkinson and Co Ltd based at the Commission Street Brewery. This company was formed by William Atkinson with premises in Commission Street in the 1870s, but by 1881 it had expanded and a relative, John Atkinson, presumably his brother or son, was in charge.

1895 Atkinson’s, a local brewery based at Commission Street, just off Deane Road. Atkinson’s were bought out by Boardman’s United Breweries of Manchester in 1895

1895 The brewery John Atkinson and Co Ltd was taken over by Boardman's United Breweries Ltd of Cheetham, Manchester in 1895.

1897 Crowther’s were formed in 1897 (>1925)

1898 Boardman’s were taken over by another Manchester firm, Cornbrook, in 1898.

1898 Boardman's United Breweries Ltd of Cheetham, Manchester 's Lancashire pubs were bought by Cornbrook Brewery,

1899 Wingfield’s Silverwell Brewery sold out to the Manchester Brewery Company in 1899. 

1900 Spa Wells Brewery Company formed in 1900. It lasted four years.

1904 Spa Wells became J Jackson and Sons in 1904.

1910 Alexandra brewery on Mount Street ceased trading in 1910.

1912 The Manchester Brewery Company Ltd were taken over by the Salford firm of Walker and Homfray’s in 1912.

1923 Walker Cain took over Tong’s brewery in 1923.

1923 21 pubs taken over by Walkers of Warrington when they bought out Tong’s in 1923.

1925 Crowther’s sold out to Wilson’s in 1925 (<1897)

1927 J Jackson and Sons sold out to Shaw’s of Leigh in 1927.

1927 Jackson’s Brewery of Spa Road  were taken over by George Shaw & Son Ltd of Leigh in 1927

1927 Tong's sold out to Shaw's of Leigh in 1927 with the White Hart being part of a considerable local tied estate that formed part of the deal.

1927 Sharman’s were taken over by the Leigh brewery of George Shaw and Sons Ltd in 1927, but the deal stretched Shaw’s financially.

1927 Chadwick’s sold their brewery and 43 pubs to Walker & Homfray Ltd of Salford.

1928 Bolton Free Brewery Co Ltd had been registered in 1928 in order to acquire the bottling business carried on by Fred Leigh and Co.

1929 In 1929 Bolton Free Brewery Co Ltd changed its name to Bolton and District Brewing Co Ltd and was later succeeded by Howcroft's Brewery in 1937.

1931 Shaw’s of Leigh were taken over by Walker Cain Ltd of Liverpool in 1931.

1938 Duttons: The company had grown from a small local brewery based around the Blackburn area in the late-nineteenth century to a regional brewery with 190 pubs in 1938

1949 Wilsons Brewery of Newton Heath took over Walker and Homray’s in 1949

1958 Greenall Whitley, who had bought out Magee’s in 1958.

1959 In 1959, Magee Marshall & Company was acquired by Greenall Whitley & Company and closed in 1970

1960 Walker Cain of Liverpool. They merged with the Leeds firm of Joshua Tetley to form Tetley Walker in 1960.

1960 Walker’s merged with Tetley of Leeds in 1960 to form Tetley Walker.

1961 Tetley Walker became part of Allied Breweries Ltd in 1961

1961 Bass Charrington took over Cornbrook Brewery, in 1961.

1964 In 1964 Duttons sold out to Whitbread. The company had grown from a small local brewery based around the Blackburn area in the late-nineteenth century to a regional brewery with 190 pubs in 1938 to a sizeable operation with 764 pubs by the time it was taken over.

1970 Magee Marshall & Company closed in 1970

1970 Bolton's last brewery, Magee Marshall's Crown Brewery, closed in 1970.


J Hamer (Brewers) Ltd, Volunteer Brewery, 158 Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, Greater Manchester.

In 1871 Henry Hamer at the Volunteer, Toppings.

Registered October 1950.

Acquired by Dutton's Blackburn Brewery Ltd. 1951 with 42 tied houses.

W T Settle, Rose & Crown Brewery, 55 Cross Street, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Originally the Booth family of which Settle was an illegitimate offspring.

Around the 1880s larger premises were taken at what had been the Bradshaw Field Mill in Dean Street.

William Settle died 1949, aged 80.

Acquired by Dutton's Blackburn Brewery Ltd. 1951 with 5 pubs and 3 off-licences.

The Dean Street site became a paper works and the Rose & Crown closed in 1960.

Tong & Sons Ltd

William Tong & Sons Ltd, Diamond Brewery, Deane Road, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Founded by William Tong c.1820 at the Diamond Brewery, Pikes Lane (renamed as above). Offices at Bridge Street 1894/5 and Deane Road 1902. Registered in June 1897 with 66 public houses.

Acquired by Walker Cain Ltd 1923 with c.100 houses. Brewery up for auction 1924.

Brewing ceased in 1940.


Tonge cemetery was the first municipal cemetery in Bolton when it opened on New Years Eve 1856 and was known simply as Bolton cemetery.


Astley Bridge Cemetery, opened 1884

Blackrod Cemetery, opened 1887

Farnworth Cemetery, opened 1876

Horwich (Ridgemont) Cemetery, opened 1928

Tonge Cemetery, opened 1856

Westhaughton Cemetery, opened 1858

Overdale Crematorium, opened 1954


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