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Sabini                                                                                    Sabini Brothers’ ice cream shop and cafe was a feature in Churchgate from the 1940s, until the family turned it into the Sandwich Inn in 1970.

Valentino Sabini (1898-1954)

Ice cream salesman

Born 1 Dec 1898

Died 23 Mar 1954 The Christie Hospital, Withington, Manchester.

1939 33 Churchgate, Bolton


Thomas Geoffrey Sackville (1950-)                                               Born 26 October 1950   the second son of William Sackville, 10th Earl De La Warr (d. February 1988) and Anne Rachel Devas.           Educated Eton College; Lincoln College, Oxford                            MP Bolton West 1983-1997 (Conservative)


William Windham Sadler (1796–1824)                                      Aeronaut                                                                                  Born 1796 near Dublin (?) the younger son of the second wife of James Sadler (1753 – 1828). the first English balloonist.                  Died 30 Sep 1824 in a ballooning accident.                              On 29 Sept. 1824 William Windham Sadler made his thirty-first ascent at Bolton. He prepared to descend at dusk near Blackburn, but the wind dashed his car against a lofty chimney, and he was hurled to the ground, sustaining injuries of which he died at eight on the following morning (Gent. Mag. 1824, ii. 366). He was buried at Christchurch in Liverpool,


Charles (Charlie) Sagar (1878-1919)                                          Professional Footballer                                                                Born 28 March 1878  Edgworth, Turton, Lancashire                  Died 4 December 1919 Bolton                                            Inside left - played for Edgworth Rovers, Turton, Bury, Manchester United and England. His career was ended prematurely in 1907 by a knee injury.                                                                           Scored second goal in Bury's 6-0 1903 FA Cup Final victory against Derby County. Scored 71 goals in 186 games for Bury.                   Founder member of the Association Football Players Union.

Paul Salveson, MBE FCILT (1952-)                                               English politician, activist and author.                                          Born  7 Oct 1952 Bolton.                                                          He is currently a Visiting professor in transport and logistics at the University of Bolton and University of Huddersfield. 


Lt Willward Alexander (Peter) Sandys-Clarke (1919-1943)                Soldier                                                                                Born 8 June 1919 Southport, Lancashire.                                    Died 23 April 1943 Guiriat El Atach, Tunisia                                  Educated Uppingham School, Rutland.                                         Posthumously awarded Victoria Cross 29 June 1943. He served as a Lieutenant in the Loyal Regiment and was killed in action after knocking out several enemy machine gun posts under fire.                 Lived at Dimple Hall, Egerton.

Willward Alexander Sandys-Clarke was born in Southport in 1919, the son of an Army officer. Through his mother, he was related to four holders of the Victoria Cross – Lord Roberts of Kandahar and his son Frederick, and General Walter Congreve and his son William. He was thus the fifth member of his family to win the nation’s highest honour, and the third (with Frederick Roberts and William Congreve) to be awarded it posthumously.

Mubarak Sardar                                                              Property developer                                                            Bought the former Church Hotel at 174 Crook Street in 2010.

Sir James Scott (-1914)                                                          One of the founders  of the Bolton Guild of Help, he made many donations to the charity over the years until his death in 1914.   


Wing Commander John Scott-Taggart (1897-1979)                      Electrical Engineer, Radio Pioneer, Writer, Soldier and Airman         Born 27 November 1897 Bolton                                                 Died 1979                                                                              Educated Bolton School; King's College and University College, London.                                                                            Served in army in First World War from 1914, commissioned 1917. Awarded Military Cross 3 June 1919 for actions at Battle of Lys 1918. Edited 'Modern Wireless' magazine. Wrote articles and books about radio and communication technology between the wars.  Joined RAF 1939. Served in France 1939-40. Staff Officer, Air Ministry, responsible for radar training in RAF, 1940-1941. Senior Technical Officer, No 73 Wing, responsible for radar stations in most of England and Wales, 1943-1945.                                         Published books about Italian and Spanish ceramics towards end of life.


Dr John Edwin Scowcroft (1845-1901)                                         Politician                                                                                  Born 1845 Bolton                                                                      Died 11 July 1901 Bolton                                                        Educated Bolton Grammar School; Edinburgh University; Glasgow University                                                                          Mayor of Bolton 1899, 1900 (died in office.) (Conservative)             Physician and Surgeon with premises on Manchester Road, Bolton.


James Scowcroft (1788-1865)                                                    Politician                                                                                  Born 26 February 1788 Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire                      Died 25 November 1865 Silverwell Street, Bolton.                           Mayor of Bolton 1846 (Conservative).                                         Chemist and Druggist.                                                               Prior to the incorporation of Bolton in 1838 he was a Trustee, High Constable and, in 1825, Boroughreeve of Great Bolton. Property and Income Tax Commissioner.


Dorothy Seacombe (1906-)                                                        Actress                                                                                      Born 22 March 1906  Bolton.                                                     Early talking film actress.


James Seddon (1856-1923)                                                       Politician                                                                               Born 1856 Kay Street, Bolton                                                      Died 7 March 1923 Bolton                                                         Mayor of Bolton 1914, 1915 (Conservative)   Stonemason.


James (Jimmy) Seddon(1895-1971)                                              Professional Footballer                                                              Born 20 May 1895 Bolton                                                   Died October 1971 Southport, Lancashire                                     Centre-Half - played for Bolton Wanderers 1914-1932 and England.                                                                        Became manager of the Scarisbrick Hotel in Southport.


Jesse Seddon(1893-1981)                                                       Politician and Soldier                                                            Born 28 January 1893 Kearsley, Lancashire                              Died January 1981                                                                    Mayor of Farnworth 1944 (Conservative)                              Served as a 2nd Lieutenant in Machine Gun Corps during First World War. Awarded Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty 26 July 1918.


John Glanville Seddon (1896-1972)                                             Politician                                                                              Born 2 February 1896 Wigan, Lancashire                                    Died 12 October 1972 Harper Green Road, Farnworth                   Mayor of Farnworth 1957 (Labour)                                          Lived in Farnworth from the age of 14. From 1915 to 1919 he served with the Royal Field Artillery in Gallipoli, Egypt and France and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal at Ypres.                     Post office employee for 46 years.


William (W.T.) Settle (1868-1951)                                              William (W.T.) Settle was born in 1868. His parents, Rachel Settle and Robert Booth, were not married at the time. It was Robert Booth and his wife who established The Rose & Crown in Bolton as a homebrew house; when his wife died, Rachel married him, and took over running of the brewery. When he was 13 years old, William effectively became head brewer, and took over the firm completely in 1891 when his mother died. Under William’s leadership, the brewery expanded, gaining a small estate of seven pubs – The Rose & Crown, Rope & Anchor, Red Lion, Skenin’ Door, British Oak, Alfred the Great, and The Britannia. After a dispute with a half-brother, the beers ceased to be Booth’s Ales and became Settle’s. Anne’s father, also called William, was born in 1910 and took over day-to-day running of the brewery from 1931, having graduated from Manchester Brewing School. Another branch of the family were bakers and W.T. Settle invested in that business, ensuring that its Fullomeat pies were also sold in Rose & Crown Brewery pubs. In 1951, W.T. Settle died and for a brief moment, the younger William became co-owner with his sister Ivy. Unfortunately, Ivy wanted to sell up, and so the Rose & Crown Brewery and its pubs were bought by Dutton’s for £30,000 and the brewery closed. William never brewed again.


The Sex Pistols                                                                        Two students at the Bolton Institute of Technology were responsible for bringing the Sex Pistols to Manchester.

Thomas John Shannon (1856–1919)

Draper and general dealer                                                          Born 1856 Mullugh, Clare, Ireland.

Died 20 Sep 1919 19, Chadwick Street, Bolton, Lancashire, England.


Joseph Sharman (1841-1916)                                                     Born Derbyshire 1841                                                         Died  July 1916.                                                                      Buried at St Peter’s, Halliwell.                                                       By the age of 8 he was working down a coal mine. He moved to Bolton to help out at his cousin’s pub- Cromptons Monument - but John Cooper died in 1868 and his widow, Ann, leased the pub and the brewery to Joseph.                                                                    The enterprise clearly prospered and by 1874 Sharman had built his own brewery on Mere Hall Street, about a mile away from the Crompton’s Monument. He went on to build up a tied estate of some 58 pubs and became a Conservative councillor for the North Ward in 1886.


Joseph Sharman                                                                         Joseph Sharman & Sons Ltd                                                  Joseph Sharman founded the Compton Brewery, Mill Street, Bolton Greater Manchester in 1868 & built Mere Hall Brewery, Mere Hall Street in 1874.registered December 1896. Acquired by George Shaw & Co Ltd 1927 with over 20 tied houses and was closed.


Elizabeth Sharples (1803-1852)                                                 Pioneer Feminist and Freethinker                                                    Born 1803 Bolton                                                                      Died 11 January 1852 12 George Street, Hackney, London           Daughter of a prosperous Bolton counterpane manufacturer Richard Sharples. Became infatuated with radical politician Richard Carlile after meeting him on two occasions and then corresponding with him by letter.                                                                                    Moved to London in 1832 to be with him while he was imprisoned for sedition. Gave lectures on mystical religion and women's rights while dressed as the Goddess Isis. Had several illegitimate children with Carlile who died in 1843 leaving her destitute.                      In spite of financial support from friends and family her various business and political ventures failed before she herself died in poverty.


Robert Shaw (1927-1978)                                                          Actor and Author                                                                  Born 9 August 1927 51 King Street, Westhoughton, Bolton        Died 28 August 1978 Tourmakeady, Co Mayo, Ireland        Educated White Horse C of E Infants School, Westhoughton.         Films include 'From Russia With Love', 'A Man For All Seasons', 'The Sting', 'Jaws' etc - Starred as Captain Dan Tempest in 'The Buccaneers TV series 1956-57.  Won 1961 Hawthornden Prize for novel 'The Sun Doctor' - also wrote 'The Man In The Glass Booth'. Moved from Westhoughton to the Orkneys in 1934.


Neil Shawcross (1940-)                                                             Painter                                                                                    Born 15 March 1940 Kearsley, Bolton                                  Bolton College of Art; Lancaster College of Art.                              Primarily a portrait painter. Settled in Northern Ireland in 1962 and lectured at Belfast College of Art, retiring in 2004.


Albert Shepherd (1885-1929)                                                     Professional  Footballer                                                               Born 10 September 1885 Great Lever, Bolton                            Died 8 November 1929 Bolton                                                  Centre-Forward - played for many teams including St Mark's, Bolton Temperance, St Luke's, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers 1904-1908, Newcastle United and England                                         Scored 123 goals for Bolton. Scored first penalty in an FA cup final - for Newcastle in 2-0 win against Barnsley in 1910.


Maj Herbert Shepherd-Cross (1847-1916)                                Born 1 January 1847 Mortfield, Halliwell, Bolton                         Died 9 January 1916 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire                     Educated Harrow; Exeter College Oxford                                   MP Bolton 1885-1906 (Conservative).                                    Born Herbert Cross - adopted Shepherd-Cross after marriage to Lucy Mary Shepherd Birley.


Nigel Short  (1965-)                                                                   Chess Grand Master                                                                  Born 1 June 1965 Leigh, Lancashire.                                             Educated Bolton School                                                      World's youngest International Chess Master in 1981.                      Wrote chess column for The Daily Telegraph.


Jonathan Simpson (1850-1937)                                                  Architect                                                                                  Born 2 September 1850 Bolton                                                Died 5 January 1937 Grey Gables, Heaton, Bolton                        The Misses Aspinall's Private School; Mr Kay's School, Duke Street; Bolton Church Institute                                                     Childhood friend of William Hesketh Lever (Lord Leverhulme) qv. Designed almshouses at Sharples, Bolton and model working-class cottages in The Haulgh, Bolton.                                                   Involved in planning of Leverhulme's Port Sunlight garden city with his son, James Lomax Simpson (1882-1976), to take overall charge of the project as Lever Brothers' company architect. James Lomax Simpson was also Leverhulme's Godson.


Slade                                                                                     Wolverhampton band                                                                 1978 (9 Apr) Slade played Blighty's, Farnworth, Bolton, UK (with

Paper Plane)

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