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Damon Michael Gough (1969-)                                                Singer/Songwriter                                                                  Born 2 October 1969  Dunstable, Bedfordshire                        Educated Thornleigh Salesian College; Leeds College of Music    Performs as Badly Drawn Boy. Work includes soundtrack to film 'About A Boy'.                                                                      Brought up in Breightmet, Bolton.


James Gradwell (1891-1974)                                                Politician                                                                            Born 26 December 1891 Tong Street, Bolton                            Died 24 April 1974 Bolton District General Hospital, Farnworth     Educated Clarence Street School                                        Mayor of Bolton 1960 (Labour)                                            Sick Bay Attendant on HMS Broke during the First World War when his ship (alongside HMS Swift) famously engaged six German destroyers in the English Channel, sinking two of them - one by ramming - on 20 April 1917. Awarded Distinguished Service Medal.                                                                         Known as Jimmy. Worked as an Insurance Agent for the Royal London Insurance Company, later becoming a Superintendent.

Jonathan Grant                                                                       See under: Gash, Jonathan


Sydney Granville (1880-1959)                                                 Musical Actor                                                                         Born 1880 Bolton                                                                Died 27 December 1959 Stockport, Cheshire.                            Born Walter Dewhurst. D'Oyly Carte company member performing Gilbert & Sullivan repertoire for over 35 years.


David Gratrix (1840-1892)                                                Bolton councillor                                                                  Born 14 September 1840                                                        Died 17 April 1892                                                             Lost his life in endeavouring to stop a runaway horse in Bradshawgate, Bolton


Alfred (Alf) Gray (1910-1974)                                                  Professional Footballer                                                             Born 30 August 1910  Westhoughton, Bolton                              Died  1974 Bolton                                                                 Forward - played for Oldham, Torquay, Liverpool, Lincoln and Newark.


Lt Col William Gray (1814-1895)                                             Born 21 December 1814 Darcy Lever, Bolton                              Died 6 February 1895                                                           MP Bolton 1857-1874 (Conservative)                               Mayor of Bolton 1850, 1851 (Conservative)                       Cotton mill owner - Proprietor of Lever Bridge Mill, Radcliffe Road, Darcy Lever, Bolton.


Matthew (Matt) Gray (1907-1985)                                            Professional Footballer                                                              Born 18 April 1907 Westhoughton, Bolton                                 Died 1985.                                                                           Forward - played for Tranmere and Oldham.


Roy Greaves (1947-)                                                               Professional Footballer                                                           Born 4 April 1947 Farnworth, Bolton                                          Midfielder - played for Bolton Wanderers 1965-1980.

Frank Greenall

A speedway rider from Bolton.

Lived at 65 Mornington Road.


Thomas Greenall  (1857-)                                                       Born 5 May 1857 Tarbuck, Lancashire                                    Died 22 December 1937 Barton                                              MP Farnworth 1922-1929 (Labour)                                           Union leader. President of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners Federation.

Cllr David Greenhalgh (1967-2021)

Leader of Bolton Council

Born 25 Dec 1967

Died 29 Jul 2021


Col Robert Ward Greenhalgh (1902-1989)                            Industrialist                                                                       Born 21 May 1902 Bolton                                                      Died 1989 Lancashire                                                         Managing Director of the Beehive Spinning Company, Bolton.       High Sheriff of Lancashire 1967.                                               Served with the Bolton Artillery (TA) from 1926, being its commander during the last three years of the Second World War. He remained as a TA officer until 1952.

James Greenhalgh (1808-)


Born 1808 Grindleton Yorks

He was Bolton's principal architect of the early nineteenth century and able to design in a variety of styles - Greek (Lower Bridgeman Street Assembly Hall and Baths 1845; Gothic (St Paul, Halliwell 1848); Tudor (cottages and schools by St Paul's); and Dutch (St George's School, Little Bolton). In 1857 he claimed to have been in practice in Bolton for 26 years.


James   Greenhalgh (1821-1881)                                             Politician                                                                            Born 1821 Bolton                                                                   Died 26 November 1881  Greenhill, Bolton                          Mayor of Bolton 1877 (Conservative)                                Solicitor.                                                                                He was a prime mover in the adoption of the Free Library and Museums Act in Bolton and spent many years working for the establishment of a Free Library in Bolton.


Paul Greenhalgh                                                                     See under Paul Nicholls.


Sam Greenhalgh (1881-1955)                                                 Professional Footballer                                                            Born 1881 Eagley, Turton, Lancashire                                        Died 28 March 1955 Bolton                                            Began playing for Turton - joined Bolton Wanderers in 1902 - played in 1904 FA Cup Final, losing against Manchester City.  Half-back - Captained Bolton Wanderers - Played for Aston Villa 1906-07.


Shaun Greenhalgh  (1960-)                                                       British Artist and Art Forger                                                     Born September, 1960 Bromley Cross, Lancashire, England, UK      Parent(s) George (1923-2014) and Olive (1925-2016) Greenhalgh.                                                                 Greenhalgh's family was involved in "the garden shed gang". They established an elaborate cottage industry at his parents' house in The Crescent, Bromley Cross, South Turton, which is about 3.5 miles (6 km) north of Bolton town centre.                                     The Amarna Princess, sometimes referred to as the "Bolton Amarna Princess," is a statue forged by British art forger Shaun Greenhalgh and sold by his father George Sr. to Bolton Museum for £440,000 in 2003. Based on the Amarna art-style of ancient Egypt, the purchase of the Amarna Princess was feted as a "coup" by the museum and it remained on display for three years. However, in November 2005, Greenhalgh was brought under suspicion by Scotland Yard's Arts and Antiquities Unit, and the statue was impounded for further examination in March 2006. It is now displayed as a part of an exhibition of fakes and forgeries.


Thomas Greenlees (1865-1949)                                               Botanist and naturalist                                                          Born 1865 Bolton                                                                   Died 1949 Bolton                                                                  A leatherworker by profession, founded Bolton Botanical Society in 1895 (later Bolton Field Naturalists Society 1907.) Published 'Flora of Bolton' with Thomas Holden in 1920.                                Keen plant collector. Donated 1,500 herbarium specimens to Bolton Museum.


Joseph (Joe) Greenwood (1904-1978)                                       Professional Boxer                                                                  Born 27 November 1904 Bolton                                              Died  1978 Bolton                                                                 Fought at fly, bantam and featherweight - 560 professional fights - last fight in 1936 - never knocked out but ended career 'punch drunk' and rejected for army service.                                         Biggest purse was £40.

John Edgar Gregan (1813–1855)                                      Scottish architect.

Born 18 Dec 1813 Dumfries. 

Died 29 Apr 1855  York Place, Manchester, aged 42

His work includes the churches of St James' Breightmet and, St Peter's, Belmont.

William Gregg (–1644)

Vicar of St Peter's, Bolton  (27 Nov 1630-1644)

Ernest Kenneth Gregory (1909-)

Born Aug 1909

Director of Maxilin

Thomas Gregson(1794-1865)                                        Politician                                                                              Born 1794 Bolton                                                                  Died 7 February 1865 Southport, Lancashire                         Mayor of Bolton 1843 (Liberal).                                       Cotton spinner "employing in conjunction with others 200 hands" in 1851. Went into partnership with Thomas Leeming in the 1840s as Gregson & Leeming Cotton Spinners.

Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley CBE (1876-1941)                               British railway engineer.                                                           Born 19 June 1876 Edinburgh.                                                 Died 5 April 1941.                                                                 He was one of Britain's most famous steam locomotive engineers, who rose to become Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER). He was the designer of some of the most famous steam locomotives in Britain, including the LNER Class A1 and LNER Class A4 4-6-2 Pacific engines. An A1 Pacific, Flying Scotsman, was the first steam locomotive officially recorded over 100 mph in passenger service, and an A4, number 4468 Mallard, still holds the record for being the fastest steam locomotive in the world (126 mph).                                          A pupil under John Aspinall at Horwich of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway (L&YR).

He married 17 Oct 1901 Fylde, Lancashire, England - Ethel Frances Fullagar (1874 Bolton, Lancashire, England- 5 Aug 1929 Edmonton, Middlesex, England)

Tony Griffin (1960-)                                                                 Paralympian                                                                          Born in Bolton February 1960 with cerebral palsy.                        won seven gold medals over three Paralympic Games


Phillip (Phill) Grimshaw (1950-1998)                                        Type Designer                                                                      Born 1 February 1950 Bolton                                                  Died 27 July 1998 Manchester, Lancashire                           Educated Bolton College of Art; Royal College of Art, London         Created many well known type faces for Letraset and ITC including Braganza, Gravura, Mistraland Rennie Mackintosh.

Eddie Grindrod  (c.1937-)                                                        He saw a gap in the market that gave Bolton such famous club names as The Beachcomber, The Cromwellian Club, Maxwell's Plum and Hawthorns. It was the foresight of Eddie and two pals, Norman Clements and Eric Eckersley, that helped give Bolton a club scene envied even by the city centre of Manchester.   


John Clowes Grundy (1806–1867)

 English printseller and art patron

Born 3 Aug 1806  Bolton, Lancashire, the eldest son of John Grundy, a cotton-spinner there and Elizabeth Leeming, his wife.      Died 19 May 1867.

Christened at St Peter, Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire in 1806.          


Thomas Leeming Grundy  (1808-1841)                                      Engraver                                                                              Born 6 January 1808 Bolton                                                     Died 10 March 1841 Camden Town, London                           Trained as an engraver in Manchester and later worked in London.

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