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Thomas Macarte (c1839 – 1872)                                             Lion tamer                                                                       Born in Cork in Ireland in about 1839.                                       Died 3 Jan 1872   Bolton                                                       A one-armed lion tamer who as Massarti the Lion-Tamer was attacked and killed during a circus performance in Bolton in Lancashire.                                                                           On 20 November 1862 Macarte was working with lions as an assistant to Alfred Moffat of the American Hippodrome Circus. While the circus was performing in Liverpool Macarte was walking past the lion cage when a lioness seized him by the left forearm, causing such severe damage it had to be amputated.                   On the evening of 3 January 1872 Macarte was due to perform before a crowd of about 500 people for Manders’ Menagerie in the marketplace at Bolton in Lancashire. After giving his usual talk about the big cats to the audience Macarte stepped into the cage, where he was attacked by the lions, which he attempted to fight them off with his sword and a pistol loaded with blanks, but they overcame him.                                                                      Thomas Macarte was buried in the Roman Catholic section of Tonge Cemetery in Bolton on 6 January 1872.                           In July of that year Mrs Rosina Manders, the owner of the Manders’ Menagerie since the death of her husband in 1871, paid for a monument of a white marble cross nearly three feet high placed on a slab of white marble standing on two larger blocks of granite.      The inscription reads: In memory of the great Lion Tamer, Thomas Maccarte, aged 34, killed at Bolton, Jan. 3rd, 1872, by the lions in Manders’ Star Menagerie. Erected to the memory of an old and faithful servant by Mrs. Rosina Manders, sole proprietress of the Grand National Star Menagerie. ‘When thou hearest of a fellow mortal being suddenly plunged into eternity, think of the mercy that has spared thee.’                                                                    After the fatal attack the Silver Mane or African lion, or the 'Macarte Lion', as it became known, became something of a cause célèbre. It died a natural death in January 1874 with the wounds still visible from the attack of two years earlier. It was stuffed and mounted by the noted taxidermist Rowland Ward as 'A Wounded Lion' and placed on display in the window of Ward and Co.'s in Piccadilly in London, where it attracted much interest from passersby.


Ann Macbeth (1875-1948)                                           Designer and Embroiderer                                                   Born 25 September 1875 41 Chorley Old Road, Bolton        Died 23 March 1948 8 Eden Mount, Carlisle, Cumbria    Educated Glasgow School of Art                                    Became head of the embroidery department at Glasgow School of Art - Was a member of the 'Glasgow School' of artists and an associate of Charles Rennie Macintosh.                            Related to several Scottish artists. Lived in Patterdale, Cumbria from 1921 until her death.


Kenneth MacIvor (1925-2004)                                                Politician                                                                            Born 6 April 1925 Bolton                                                        Died June 2004 Bolton                                                            Mayor of Bolton 1989 (Labour)                                              Trade Union official - General Municipal and Boilermakers Union - retired 1985.                                                                    He was a Normandy veteran who landed on Gold Beach with the North Staffordshire Regiment on D Day 6 June 1944.


Sir Donald Macmellin MacLean (1864-1932)                             Politician                                                                               Born 9 January 1864 Farnworth, Bolton                                  Died 15 June 1932 London                                                      Moved to live in Wales in childhood. Was Liberal MP for Bath 1906-10, Peebles & Selkirk 1910-18, Peebles & South Midlothian 1918-22 and North Cornwall 1929-32. Leader of Parliamentary Liberal Party 1918-22.                                                         Privy Councillor 1916. Knighted 1917. Leader of Parliamentary Liberal Party 1918-22. Served as President of the Board of Education in Ramsey MacDonald's National Government 1931-32.                                                                                Was father of the notorious Soviet spy Donald Duart MacLean.


Carl James Madrick (1968-)                                                    Professional Footballer                                                             Born 20 September 1968 Bolton.                                          Midfielder - played for Huddersfield Town and Peterborough United.


David Magee (1830-1875)                                                     Industrialist                                                                            Born 1830 Bolton                                                                  Died 1875 Bolton                                                                  Founded brewery.


Sajid Iqbal Mahmood (1981-)                                                 Cricketer                                                                            Born 21 December 1981 Bolton                                              Batsman and Bowler - played for Lancashire from 2002

Cornelius Maine (1859-1900)

Beerseller                                                                            Lived at 159 Kay Street Bolton " Kay Street Arms"

Munir Majid                                                                          Was Coops’ head of legal practice and sole lawyer manager.


John William Makant (1858-1923)                                           Industrialist                                                                          Born 1858 Bolton                                                                 Died 25 December 1923 Chorlton, Lancashire                    Master bleacher. Son of William Makant qv. High Sheriff of Lancashire 1913.


William Makant  (1806-1880)                                                 Politician and Industrialist                                                          Born 6 June 1806 Eagley, Turton, Lancashire                               Died 21 April 1880  Gilnow Lodge, Bolton                              Educated Eagley School, Eagley, Turton                                  Mayor of Bolton 1857, 1858 (Liberal)                                       Magistrate, Tax Commisioner and Master Bleacher.


James Ernest Mangnall (1865-1932)                                        Professional Football Manager                                            Born 1865 Belmont, Lancashire                                                Died 13 January 1932 St Anne's on the Sea, Lancashire            Educated Bolton Grammar School                                          Managed Manchester United 1903-1912 and Manchester City 1912-1924.                                                                   Earlier director and secretary of Bolton Wanderers and secretary of Burnley FC.


Princess Margaret                                                                  She visited Bolton in October 1967 to open the Octagon Theatre.


Paul Mariner (1953-)                                                               Professional Footballer                                                             Born 22 May 1953 Bolton                                                      Forward - played for Plymouth Argyll, Ipswich, Arsenal, Portsmouth - 35 England caps.


Harry Markham (1906-1981)                                                  Actor and Dialect Expert                                                       Born 19 June 1906 Bolton                                                      Died 1981 Bolton                                                                  Played Handel Gartside in 'Coronation Street'.                   Appeared in 'A Kind of Loving', 'This Sporting Life', 'Kes' etc.


Dr William Marsden (1807-1885)                                           Physician                                                                              Born 18 February 1807 Bolton                                              Died 16 December 1885 Quebec, Canada                               London                                                                                 Came to Canada with parents in 1812.                                    President of the College of physicians and surgeons of Lower Canada, and of the Dominion medical association.                    Wrote a 'History of Asiatic Cholera.'


Jeremiah Marsden (1820-1877)                                               Politician                                                                            Born 27 May 1820 Shaw Street, Bolton.                                Died 27 April 1877 Westminster Palace Hotel, London.                Mayor of Bolton 1873, 1874. (Conservative).                      Owner of Britannia Ironworks in Goodwin Street and Folds Road.  Alderman 1871.


Peter Crook Marsden (1838-1913)                                          Politician                                                                            Born 1838 Bolton                                                                  Died 22 October 1913 Innellan, Argyllshire, Scotland                  Mayor of Bolton 1878.                                                         Marsden Road in Bolton opened by and named after him.            Cotton spinner - Proprietor of James Marsden & Sons, Albion Mills, Fletcher Street, Bolton. Director of several Insurance Companies.

Walter Marsden MC (1882–1969)                                          English sculptor

Born 26 Sep 1882 Church, Lancashire.   

Died 17 Jul 1969  Kensington, Greater London                          He saw active service in the First World War and was awarded the Military Cross. 

Work includes sculptures on the Bolton War Memorial.


George Marsh (1515-1555)                                         Protestant Martyr                                                                     Born 1515 Deane, Bolton                                                      Died 1555 Spital Boughton, Nr Chester                                Educated Grammar Choir School, Bolton; Cambridge University    Farmer and zealous Protestant, went to University following the death of his wife and later became curate of All Hallows Church, London.                                                                               Persecuted for his beliefs on the accession of Queen Mary - burnt at the stake as a heretic for refusal to submit to the Roman Catholic church (and State.)

Ellis Marshall (-1891)                                                              He was  landlord of the One Horse in Manor Street for 18 years from  1873  until he committed suicide in 1891.

William Calder Marshall RA  (1813-1894)                              Scottish sculptor.                                                                    Born 18 March 1813 Gilmour Place,  Edinburgh                        Died 16 June 1894                                                                The pediment of Bolton Town Hall showing the spirit of the city with Manufacturing and Commerce etc.                                           Among Marshall’s most important commissions was the public statue of the inventor Samuel Crompton for Bolton, Lancashire (1862)


Commodore William Marshall  (1873-1930)                              Mariner                                                                                Born 10 April 1873 Bank Street, Bolton                                  Died 28 May 1930 Southampton, Hampshire                           All Saints School and Albert Place School, Bolton; HM School Ship Conway in the Mersey                                            Awarded DSO 1916, - and Bar 1919 and CB 1925 - RNR Aide de camp to George V 1926.                                         Captain of RMS Olympic (near-identical sister ship to the Titanic) and RMS Majestic - Commodore of the White Star Line 1930.       Buried at sea.

Eleanor Marx (1855-1898)                                                     Born 16 January 1855 London                                                Died 31 March 1898 London England aged 43 suicide              The sixth child and fourth daughter of Karl Marx and his wife Jenny von Westphalen.                                                          Eleanor Marx and her partner Dr Aveling spoke at the Spinners Hall Bolton on 'The Evolution of Socialism'.

"Mary Ellen"

Unidentified woman

A woman's partially mummified remains were discovered in the cellar of a house in Bromwich Street, Bolton, on 14 December 1982, wrapped in a newspaper, The News of the World 13 March 1966,

Detectives still do not know the real identity of the woman they nicknamed Mary Ellen.                                                            A later forensic examination suggested the woman had been white, about 40 years old and possibly only 4ft 10in (147cm) tall.          She was found wearing one gold cross earring, a gold eternity ring on her left hand, and black rosary beads.                                  Descriptions of her clothing - a turquoise jumper, yellow cardigan and brown stretch trousers

Detectives turned to a pioneering new technique - facial reconstruction.

They asked forensic artist Richard Neave, then working for Manchester University, to create a likeness of Mary Ellen's face using scientific measurements of her skull and strips of modelling clay.

When unveiled to the media in February 1983, it gained national attention since it was the first time the technique had ever been used in a public appeal by a British police force.                         A 1983 inquest recorded an open verdict, which effectively means the cause of her death remains as much of a mystery as her real identity.

Mary Ellen's facial reconstruction is on display at the Greater Manchester Police Museum

Alan Mason 

Was one of the owners of Masons Builders Merchants on Mornington Road.

Harry Mason and Sons Ltd.                                              Bolton Builders Merchants.


Paul William Mason (1952-2006 )                                           Sculptor                                                                                Born 23 June 1952 Farnworth, Bolton                                        Died 9 May 2006 London                                            Educated Wolverhampton Polytechnic; Royal Academy, London  Abstract sculptor following in Henry Moore tradition. Created many public works in Leeds, Nottingham, Southampton, St Ives, Sheffield and Gloucester, amongst others.                                        Professor of Sculpture at Derby University from 2004.

Francis Matcham  (1854-1920)                                               English architect                                                                     Born 22 November 1854 Newton Abbot, Devon.                      Died 17 May 1920 Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.                              He specialised in the design of theatres and music halls.                Matcham received a commission from theatrical manager James Elliston to rebuild the Theatre Royal and Opera House, in Bolton, which had caught fire on 4 January 1888. Elliston's only requirement was for the building to be completed within a 20-week period, which Matcham honoured. The foundation stone was laid by the actor Henry Irving on 17 October, a month before its opening.                                                                              Owing to the large numbers of people who died in a similar theatre fire in Exeter the previous year, Matcham improved the safety features, such as fireproofing the ceilings and walls; widening and straightening the staircases; using outwardly opening doors; installing hydrants on each floor; and hanging an automatic, fireproof curtain in the auditorium. The interior was decorated in terracotta and gold tints and the seats covered in crimson upholstery.                                                                          In I890  The Grand Cirque and Amphitheatre opened in Bolton. Matcham's design allowed for it to be used as a circus and a theatre and for the venue to be changed between the two in a few hours. It was decorated in the Italian style and had the capacity to seat 3,200 people. The circus ring eventually fell out of favour with audiences and it was covered over.                                          He died of a heart attack, brought about by a blood infection, in 1920.

Ellen Mather (nee Smith) (-1879)                                               In March 1879 a barmaid, Ellen Mather (nee Smith), was fatally stabbed by William Cooper while on her way from the Albert to a St Patrick's Day dance at Bridgeman Street baths.


Stanley James E Mather (1905-1998)                                     Professional Footballer                                                          Born 6 January 1905 Bolton                                                  Died  July 1998 Bolton                                                        He played for Crewe Alexandra and Southport


Thomas "Tom" Mather (1888–1957)                                          English football manager                                                          Born 1888 Chorley, England                                                   Died 1957 Stoke-on-Trent, England  aged 68-69                         Managed in the Football League for Bolton Wanderers, Leicester City, Newcastle United, Stoke City and Southend United.            Mather was assistant secretary of both Manchester City and Bolton Wanderers before taking the manager's job at Bolton at the beginning of the First World War, remaining at the club until 1915 when he was called up by the Royal Navy. He remained as manager, in name only, until July 1919, his duties being taken on, and then over, by his assistant Charles Foweraker.


Ellen Matthews (nee Cunliffe) (c.1862-1887)                            Died 6 Aug 1887 aged 25                                                    Her death was headline news ‘The Fatal Wife Assault in Bolton’ read the strapline in the August 6th 1887 Bolton Evening News edition.  [AO query date of event and newspaper both 6 Aug 1887?]                                                                        Thomas Matthews was arrested and charged with his wife’s murder.                                                                            The coroner claimed, ‘the fall from the sofa and the haemorrhage was sufficient to produce death’.                                               A verdict of ‘misadventure’ was recorded.


Richard Matthews  (1899-1963)                                            Politician                                                                            Born 1899 William Street, Farnworth                                    Died 1963 London                                                                 Educated St Peter's Day School, Farnworth                                   Mayor of Farnworth 1952 (Labour)                                          Agent for Co-operative Insurance. Son of Richard Matthews, Chairman of Kearsley Urban District Council 1937-38, 1948-49.

Kathleen Mayoh (c.1932-)                                                       Swimmer                                                                             On 15 Aug 1952 became the 50th person to swim the Channel, which she achieved from Sangatte to East Wear Bay in 16 hours 55 minutes.                                                                          She won the first Butlin International Channel Race in 1953, despite the fact she did not finish. She was declared the winner as she was less than a mile short and no one else finished.               Worked in a factory in Bolton.


Sean McAllister (1987-)                                                           Professional Footballer                                                          Born 15 August 1987 Bolton                                                   Educated Bolton School                                                      Midfielder - played for Bury, Mansfield and Sheffield Wednesday.


Jim McClusky (1946-)                                                              Singer                                                                                  Born 2 April 1946 86 Leicester Street, Bolton                              Educated Gaskell Street School; Whitecroft Road School Bolton     Lead vocalist with 1970s pop group 'Wigan's Ovation' who had several hit records around the world including 'Superlove' and 'Personally' with their most successful single 'Ski-ing In The Snow' reaching No. 12 in the UK charts in 1975.                                A direct descendent of 18th/19th Century Bolton musician William Lonsdale qv.

Thomas McDonald (-1890)                                                      Hanged at Liverpool, December 30th, 1890.                             He murdered Elizabeth Ann Holt 10 Nov 1890.                         He lived with his aunt at 244, Blackburn Road, Egerton and he had previous convictions for assaulting young women.


Richard Henry   McFarlane                                                      See under Hovis Presley

John McGinlay  (1964-)                                                          Scottish footballer                                                                   Born 8 April 1964                                                                McGinlay is perhaps best known for his five-year spell with Bolton Wanderers between 1992 and 1997, where his scoring exploits led to him being nicknamed 'Super John'. After his goals eliminated FA Cup holders Liverpool from the competition, he successfully partnered fellow Scot Andy Walker as the Trotters gained promotion from the third tier in 1993, with McGinlay scoring the match winning penalty in the last fixture against local rivals Preston North End.                                                                            Further cup 'giant killings' over teams such as Everton and Arsenal followed the next year, with McGinlay featuring prominently – he scored 33 goals across all competitions during the campaign, and the team became known in local media as 'white hot' due to the performances. In the 1995 he was in the side which gained promotion to the Premier League via the play-offs, playing all 120 minutes of the dramatic 4–3 victory over Reading (they were relegated in the subsequent campaign), and also started in the League Cup Final (lost 2–1 to Liverpool) in the same season.          In April 1997, he scored the last goals at Burnden Park, finishing as the club and the division's top scorer with 24 goals from 43 games as Bolton returned to the top level, this time as champions. He scored a hat-trick in a 6–1 cup win over Tottenham Hotspur. He made seven further league appearances for the club at the outset of the next season before joining second-tier Bradford City in November 1997 for £625,000 in what would be an injury-hit move. He later had the Bolton club crest tattooed on his arm.         In 2014, McGinlay took over the 240-year old Horwich pub the Original Bay Horse.


Patrick Joseph McGuinness  (1973-)                                          Comic Actor and Comedian                                                    Born 14 August 1973 Bolton                                                  Educated Mount St Joseph School, Bolton                                 Played club doorman Paddy in 'Phoenix Nights' and 'Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere' TV series.


Sir Ian Murray McKellan (1939-)                                               Actor                                                                                  Born 25 May 1939 Burnley, Lancashire.                                    Educated Wigan Grammar School; Bolton School; St Catherine's College Cambridge                                                                 Major Shakespearean actor and film star of 'Lord of the Rings', ' X-Men' etc. Campaigner for gay rights. Knighted 1990.                 Family moved to Bolton in 1951 when his father, Denis Murray, became Borough Engineer. Attended Bolton School from until 1958 and became Head Boy. Lived at 34 Barrow Bridge Road, Bolton.

Patrick McKenna (-1901)                                                         James Billington’s final execution.                                          53-year-old Patrick McKenna had been a joiner by trade but had lost his job and had taken to drink. He was only able to find further work as a labourer.                                                                  One of his regular pubs was the Derby Hotel, run by James Billington. His wife Annie was unhappy about his heavy drinking and the couple were struggling financially. To ease the latter problem, they took in two lodgers, a Mr. and Mrs. Palmer. Sadly this only made matters worse because McKenna suspected that Annie was having an affair with Mr. Palmer. Something he would later admit was purely in his mind and that there was no evidence to prove it.                                                                            On Monday the 3oth of September 1901, McKenna took the day off from work and Annie went to the local pawnbrokers to sell some items. When she returned McKenna demanded to know how much money she had got and to be given tuppence, which he presumably intended to spend on drink. Annie refused to give him the money and a row ensued. She ran to Emma McKenna, her daughter in law’s house in Kestor Street close to the Derby Hotel in Bolton and Emma told him that she was not there. Around 5 p.m. McKenna returned to Emma’s and found that she was indeed there. Emma had been cutting up meat and McKenna picked up the knife and threatened to cut Annie’s throat. He stabbed Annie in the throat and she died a few minutes later. James Billington’s son, William had been returning from a football match when he noticed several people outside Annie’s house and went up to see what was going on.                                                                                McKenna was found in the house by the police and arrested. He was charged with Annie’s murder the following day. He came to trial at Manchester before Mr. Justice Bucknill on the 13th of November 1901. The judge instructed the jury that they must be sure that there was proof of malice aforethought on the part of McKenna to convict him of murder, otherwise the crime would be manslaughter. They found him guilty of murder and he received the mandatory death sentence, before being returned to Strangeways. Some 30,000 people signed a petition for a reprieve but this was not forthcoming.                                                                     McKenna was hanged by James Billington, assisted by Henry Pierrepoint on Tuesday the 3rd of December 1901. He was a big man for the time, standing 5’ 10 1/2” tall and weighing 160 lbs. He was given a drop of 6’ 7”. His last words were reportedly “Oh Lord, help me.”                                                                James Billington was ill with dropsy at this time and died ten days later. He is said to have told Henry Pierrepoint “I wish I had never come.”                                                                                 It seems that there were rumours flying around that James Billington and McKenna were friends. It is probable that James Billington knew McKenna by sight as he was a customer, but according to William Billington that was the extent of it.

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